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From Orphans To Elderly, Dikchhya Is Sheltering 75 Homeless People. She Needs Your Help!

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  •  October 3, 2017


When I came across Dikchhya Chagapai’s compassionate journey, I understood the true meaning of Daniell Goleman’s quote: “True compassion means not only feeling another’s pain but also being moved to help relieve it.”

Seventeen years ago, Dikchhya Chagapai came to Kathmandu, Nepal from a small village, Phulbari, Taplejung to learn computers. On her way to the institute, every day, she saw so many poor, disabled, and deprived people living their lives on streets, surviving by eating from the garbage.

“Seeing them in such poor conditions, how could I stop myself from helping them?” Dikchhya tells me over the phone.Dikchhya Chagapai

To help these deprived people, she took them in her shelter. Initially, she brought them to her one room home and took care of them. From orphans to elderly, and disabled to war-afflicted people, her heart and home were open to everyone. She took up computer teaching job at the same place where she had learned it and her salary was mere 1500 rupees. She used all her money to provide for their basic amenities like food, clothes, education (for kids), medicines, etc.Dikchhya Chagapai

However, with the increasing number of people, she had to find a bigger place and better means to sustain them.

In 2002, she set up an NGO Pabitra Samaj Seva Nepal and thanks to a government school, she was given a small house for all the people she shelters.

In 14 years, Dikchhya has helped and supported over 1000 people and currently, PSS Nepal house shelters 75 people. She also provides them with vocational training so as to help them lead a meaningful life and the children in the house go to a Government school till 8th standard.Dikchhya Chagapai

“Sometimes I also go to remote places and jungle areas to look out for homeless people. I don’t care who they are, if they are in need and have no family, I bring them home with me. I give them a bath, clean them, feed them, and ensure that they are in good health,” explains Dikchhya.

“They are my family. I am their mother, sister, and daughter. Till my last breath, I will be with them and will do anything to help them.”Dikchhya Chagapai

To support her family of 75, Dikchhya goes from house to house, seeking any sort of help in cash or kind.

“I am a modern beggar. I go from door to door asking for discarded clothes, stationery, books, groceries, and other things. I also use social media to seek help and I don’t feel ashamed. Because my family is my responsibility and it’s my duty to provide for their basic necessities,” says Dikchhya.

I inquire about her birth parents and family to which she tells me that they all still live in the village.

“My father is a farmer and doesn’t know how to read or write. My mother is suffering from ovarian cancer and my siblings are all married. They all support me and help me with whatever they can manage. However, I have dedicated my entire time to my family at PSS Nepal house,” she replies.

I also ask her about the Government support and initiatives for the deprived and the NGOs helping such people, Dikchhya confides in me, “Nepal Government is very corrupt and ignorant towards the plight of the people. They don’t care for us and do not support us in any way.”Dikchhya Chagapai

“There are no facilities available, not even for the healthcare. For the medical treatments and emergencies, I rush them to the Government hospital. But, now, a few doctors are acquainted with my work and so they offer free treatment and also conduct health checkups at our place, sometimes,” adds Dikchhya.

Even in a small space which houses 75 people at the time, Dikchhya ensures that there is a separate room for males and females.Dikchhya Chagapai

“We have one room for young girls, one for young boys, one for elderly, and then we have a store room, a kitchen a small library and computer room.”

However, Dikchhya then reveals to me that soon they will have to empty this house as their allowed period of stay is about to get over. And, with so many members to take care of, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for her to arrange for the basics.Dikchhya Chagapai

“My family wants food and clothes to wear. It’s very hot here, right now. I want summer clothes and soon, winters will be upon us and it gets so cold here. So, any clothes would do. I don’t ask for a big amount of cash or other things. A small help of few kilos of rice, or a few clothes that you don’t wear, or even hundred rupees would be a big support for us,” urges Dikchhya.

If you wish to help Dikchhya and her family, you can donate unused/discarded clothes, basic grocery items like rice, oil, sugar, etc., basic medicines like paracetamol, betadine, cotton, band-aids, etc., stationery items for kids, and other items.

You can also order any of the above items from the online delivery portals in Nepal and send it to her. You may deliver any of the above on the below-given address:

Pabitra Samaj Sewa Nepal,
Dhapasi, 10,

Contact No: 9851060086 /9849059182

You may also reach her at

If you wish to make a contribution in cash, you may transfer the money into her account. Here are her account details:

Account No.- 0010060235251
Mega Bank Ltd.,
Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal.

P.S. To know more about her work and PSS Nepal, you may visit the website here.

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