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From Chilies To Flower Petals, Chocolatier Gitana Singh’s Chocolate Barks Know No Bar

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  •  May 15, 2018

A chocolatier, a family girl, an occasional singer, lover of dogs are a few things we figured out about Delhi-based homepreneur Gitana Singh through her Instagram page. While researching, her profile transmitted all sorts of positive, happy, energetic vibes to us. And, our phone conversation only convinced us that we were right. 

Baking was a passion of the 26-year-old since forever, which she finally turned into a full-time business just a few months ago. She was working at an advertising field before, which she quit following what her heart truly desired. And, the idea of baking customised chocolate barks came from her habit of being a perfect hostess.

For the festival of Rakshabandhan, she asked her brothers their choice of chocolate barks and everybody came up with their options. Singh turned their chocolate wishes into live customised barks, and they were loved immensely by them. This family experiment brought her a step closer to her dream business.

It was last September when I started and the gratification from clients and affirmation for the personal touch added to their barks worked. In just 3 months, I had taken over 3000 orders, said the happy-go-lucky Singh to us.

Her chocolate barks know no bars. From flower petals to chilies, from lemon to coconut, you ask for it and she’ll bake it. Dip into the chocolate-y life of the baker, where she believes in adding a personal touch to everything.

Read excerpts:

Quicky, which chocolate flavour will describe you the best? 

Definitely something with salted caramel. A little sweet and salty.

You have mixed crazy (unimaginable) ingredients together for your chocolate barks. Which one has been the craziest for you?

It was when I mixed rose petals and pistachio. I never thought I would mix flower petals with chocolate ever. But I did and the result, so far, has been the most loved one. I have countless pieces of them. It’s probably because it looks very festive and wedding-y. It also became a favourite part of wedding return gifts.

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143 Likes, 9 Comments – Gitana Singh (@gitanasingh) on Instagram: “Inspired by the Middle East 🌹White Chocolate Bark with Rose and Pistachio 💐 . . . . . . . . . . ….”

Does the history of chocolates play a role in your makings?

Chocolates are very fussy, especially when it comes to a perfect temperature. So, the techniques and methods are something I follow by heart without any changes.

Like the recipes, what are the mysterious ingredients that we’ll find in your kitchen?

Flowers, yet again. You’ll also find any and every possible type of nuts in my kitchen. Blanched, whole, salted, you name it and my kitchen has them.

That’s a variety, we must say! How does the Indian culture blend into the bark?

Another flower played a role in a traditional recipe. Inspired by moti choor ke laddoo, I made a bark inclusive of white chocolate, cardamom, and marigold flower petals. I have also made masala chai barks.

In the spotlight : Dark Chocolate Bark with Pistachios and Marigold Petals 🌼#shaadiseasonhangover . . . . . . . . . . . #weddingseason #weddinghangover #Chocolate #happyplace #ilovemyjob #bakersofinstagram #baking #cheflife #darkchocolate #sweettooth #dessert #instadessert #chocolatelover #indulge #pistachio #sweettreats #inmykitchen #madewithlove #homebaker #bakedfromscratch #f52grams #buzzfeedfood #vscogram #vscofood #artisanalchocolate #thefeedfeed #foodphotography #foodblogger #dessertporn

84 Likes, 6 Comments – Gitana Singh (@gitanasingh) on Instagram: “In the spotlight : Dark Chocolate Bark with Pistachios and Marigold Petals 🌼#shaadiseasonhangover ….”

That is so interesting! Also, is there any way to make chocolates healthier?

The solution is to keep everything in moderation. Anything consumed too much is never healthy.

We have to tell you, Gitana, we absolutely love your father’s energy. From twirling your mother to ball-dancing with you, your father is an adorable dancer. He surely knows how to customise relationship with fun! 

He is a rockstar. He is one person who has always encouraged me to follow my passion, just like him. His passion for dancing has never taken a backseat. He has flown to places to learn different dance forms. And, that’s what he has taught me – to be honest towards your passion and to fall in love with your passion. He adds life to what he does.

“Never waste a moment to dance” : my fathers life motto💃🏼So we dance even while waiting for the valet to bring our car, on the faint music we can barely hear, right in the middle of the pavement ⭐️ . . . . . . . . . . . #dance #dancepartner #fatherdaughterdance #fatherdaughter #danceanywhere #ballroomdance #waltz #daddysgirl #lifemotto #happy #happygirl #happiestplaceonearth #neverwastethemusic #blessedwiththebest #superstar #dadgoals #liveeachmoment #spreadlove #happiness #friyay

508 Likes, 43 Comments – Gitana Singh (@gitanasingh) on Instagram: “”Never waste a moment to dance” : my fathers life motto💃🏼So we dance even while waiting for the…”

A lesson to be learnt by everyone, we might say!

What are the ways to have a successful business for a homepreneur?

The first thing is to treat your work like WORK. Set a routine. Working from home doesn’t mean to sit in your bed and operate from it. There should be a legitimate, dedicated office space that keeps you in the right frame of mind.

I have a routine, I have guidelines to follow, a designated area for work at home, which I take very seriously.

Share with us the most beautiful feedback that you have received from a client?

Frankly, there have been so many and definitely, that has been the biggest driving force. There was one that said, I need therapy because your chocolate barks are addictive. Haha! In fact, the client sends me a picture when the box is about to finish. Things like these are extremely sweet.

Your Instagram page is quite interesting. What are the suggested social media tips for homepreneurs?

Like I said, I believe in giving a personal touch to everything. I don’t like bombarding my followers with in-your-face advertisements of my products. For me keeping personal touch has worked.

I would say, make your page the kind of profile you would like to follow.

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57 Likes, 13 Comments – Gitana Singh (@gitanasingh) on Instagram: “Freshly baked barks of white, milk and dark chocolate 😊#saltedcaramel #amaretto #oreo #confetti…”

Wrapping up, tell us about the one bitter experience only a dark chocolate could cure?

Umm, let me share the one that I can. *laughs* When your blood pressure is low or when you’re fainty or dizzy, dark chocolates work magically. I have had this experience fixed by a dark chocolate. In fact, for me, dessert gives comfort in any situation.

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