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Frida Kahlo Comic Strip Tells You Why It Is Cool To Be ‘Strange’

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  •  September 9, 2015


Do you think your nose is too Romanian? Do you dislike your small eyes, or the broad forehead? Yes? This cartoon strip is for you.

Not all of us are ‘very’ happy with our body structures. We feel ‘Strange’, just like the small girl in the comic strip. She thinks her unibrows make her look ugly and attract bullies.

Originally published by Zen Comics, this comic shows how each one of us is ‘strange-looking’, yet unique.

They give the example of the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo who considered herself strange too! When the little girl in the comic gets to know about Frida, she rejoices! Have a look:


This illustration captures the exact emotion we undergo, just before falling in love with the self. #LoveYourself

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