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Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Unveils $350 Billion Plan for Students

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  •  August 13, 2015

As the US elections are nearing, the arguing parties are trying to include amazing plans in their campaigns to woo the voters. One such plan is of college affordability.

Hillary Clinton has unveiled a $350 billion higher education plan aimed at cutting college tuition and easing debt burdens for college loanees. Her plan is to reduce the cost of 4-year college plan so that students don’t have to take up loans. Apart from this, the plan will make 2-year community colleges tuition free.

What more? For the students who already have taken up the loan and are under debt, the plan seeks to reduce the interest rates by allowing refinancing at current federal rates. The rivals have already proposed their own more radical versions of college-loan plan.

Isn’t this an excellent plan? We know it won’t affect the US Presidential results, but do you support Hilary for the elections?

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