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Food Guilt: how to let Go

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  •  October 28, 2014


Food guilt.  It creeps up in the most vul­ner­a­ble of places. If you suf­fer from food guilt after festivals, you know it’s path all too well. All the time you are eat­ing something, you’re cal­cu­lat­ing calo­ries, point value, how many ingre­di­ents are in there that you “shouldn’t be eat­ing” and the entire meal is ruined, the entire festival is gone!

The guilt man­i­fests. It makes you do crazy things like obsess about calo­ries, restrict food, even when you are dizzy from hunger. It makes you over eat, because you were already “bad”, so why not keep going.  It makes you doubt your worth, your right to a healthy and sat­is­fied body, and it makes you crave more and more.

Liv­ing with food guilt means you’re at bat­tle with that which keeps you alive.  It seeps into every­day activ­i­ties, social out­ings, energy lev­els, and your abil­ity to live a healthy and pos­i­tive life.

You can have a life with guilt-free eat­ing!

When you embrace intu­itive eat­ing you let go of the rules. Eat­ing intu­itively means you feed your body what it needs and is ask­ing for and you stay in bal­ance because of it.  The food mood swings have no space to exist with intu­itive eat­ing. Crav­ings, des­per­a­tion, impulse eat­ing, are all the result of your not giv­ing your body what it needs.  The sim­ple act of eat­ing reg­u­larly, and choos­ing foods that nour­ish your body, elim­i­nates the ‘round the clock bat­tle of food guilt.  When your body knows it will be fed, when it trusts you to take care of it, when your body is receiv­ing the nutri­ents it needs, it has no need for dras­tic and des­per­ate mea­sures.  Learn­ing to eat intu­itively, all of the energy that used to go into wor­ry­ing about what to eat can be put to bet­ter use, like exer­cis­ing, enjoy­ing hob­bies, play­ing with your chil­dren, and just enjoy­ing life.

Remember, harboring negative feelings toward yourself about bad choices, can be worse than consuming the inferior food. Learn love yourself and forgive yourself.

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