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Lavanya Bahuguna


Follow This Instagram Account That Shows Women’s Legs

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  •  June 4, 2015


What’s your butt size? And how long are your legs? Do you think your legs are too huge or bony? I can make out, not everyone over there is happy with your legs. Include me in the list, by the way.

An Instagram account by Stacey Baker, an associate photo editor at The New York Times Magazine, gives space to women to celebrate their legs. No matter what’s the size, color or length of legs; you can get a chance to be featured on her online page with huge fan following.

Stacey photographs only the bottom half of women she meets on the streets and posts them on her page with the hashtag #CitiLegs.03

Interesting, right?

Her only motive is to celebrate different body types along with individual style choices.Oh, just look at the chic prints some of them are spotted wearing:01 02 04 05 06

Stacey told HuffPost:

I’d always wanted long, model thin legs, like Christy Turlington. But my favorite photographs in this project are pictures of legs that have curves — I think some of them look like sculptures. And that’s been good for me to see.

Without delay, I am going to follow her page, and I suggest you do the same to keep yourself happy about your body type. FYI, do you know Jaipur Women Blog is on Instagram? Follow now – here!

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