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Flying kicks in the Interview with Richa Gaur

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  •  August 30, 2014


To inspire the sport spirit and give our ode to Jaipur-based women sportsperson, here is another interview with Martial Arts Trainer and Taekwondo expert Richa Gaur.

JWB – You are a champion in many kinds of self-defense arts. Talk about how your hobby turned into your profession?

RG – I love sports from childhood. I have been playing cricket, basketball & practiced Martial Arts from age of 8. I participated in inter-house, inter-school sports meet. In my school, we used to have a regular period of Taekwondo & it was compulsory to attend. I really enjoyed learning Taekwondo because of its jumping kicks, flying kicks, attacking & defensive techniques. For my Taekwondo teacher gave me opportunity to participate in district Taekwondo Championship, I played it very well & bagged Gold Medal in my first tournament. My 1st medal motivated me a lot and then I played at state’s level and achieved silver medal.

I still remember how I was selected for sub-junior Nationals when I was 10 years old. I was the only one from our school to qualify. But my parents wanted me to focus only on studies and being from a conservative Rajput family, I had limitations too.


Soon after my school, I forced my dad to let me learn martial arts. Seeing my dedication and later many medals that I begged, the family started to support. After that, there was no stopping. I passed my black belt exam, won Bronze Medal in World Muay Thai Championship for India team, 4 Times National Gold Medalist (Muay Thai & Taekwondo ), National Bronze in Karate, Inter College Bronze in Judo, Title-“Muay Thai Queen of India”, became the 1st Player to achieve Gold in Nationals for Rajasthan State. Muay Thai is very dangerous & combat martial arts similar to kick boxing & MMA. It includes attack from punch, kick, knee, elbow, etc. It’s called Human Weapon & King of all Martial Arts. Today, I have my own academy Global Institute of Self Defense & Martial Arts (GOSEDMA) through which I have trained 2500+ Students, police constables, employees, many youngsters, small children, Rajasthan govt. physical education Teachers, etc. 93 of them have won medals in CBSC, district & state levels, inter school, and National tournaments for last 2 years.


JWB – What percentage of Jaipur people are really interested in Martial Arts?

RG – After Delhi rape case, the Rajasthan Govt. has made self-defense a compulsory subject in every school & Institute. Parents are more aware of this art and want their kids to learn it, especially a girl child. Be it youngsters from college, working people, housewives, NGO’s , Police; people from every field is now interested in learning martial arts.

Educational Institutes like MNIT, VIT College, Kanoria college, IIIM, etc are taking interest to learn & promote self defense & Martial arts. I am daily receiving a phone call or email to teach this art. I think around 70% Jaipurites really want to learn it as safety measures as well as a hobby. And I am sure in coming times, this percentage will only rise. Movie ‘Mary Kom’ will give it hype too.

JWB – Who can learn it?

RG – Anyone! A kid who is 4 years old to an elderly of 50 and above, anyone who is determined can learn it.


Q4. How is this sport helpful for girls or women in particular?

JWB – Martial Arts is called a defense art for self protection and helping others in distress. Apart from this, this sport helps build a character – strong, fearless and confident. Martial Arts cover everything – Discipline, meditation, sports workout. Also if you are fitness freak, by practicing martial arts there would be no need to go to gyms to stay fit!


JWB – What is the career prospects if one learns Martial Arts?

RG – This sport is included In CBSE Games, SGFI, states, Inter College, Inter University, National, World Championship, World Martial Arts Games, Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games, Olympics, Common Wealth, etc. One can become Player Coach Sports Officer, Lecturer of Sports Management, Self Defense Expert, PTI in school or college, and can find jobs in Railway, Police, CRPF, Bank, etc. Like me, one can also open his/her own training academy.

JWB – How much one can earn in this profession?

RG – If you are really good and people trust your teaching skills then earning around 40-50k is not difficult.


JWB – What are your future plans?

RG – I am preparing for Asian indoor games & World Championship. I want to promote Martial Arts among Indian women, in Rajasthan and beyond. My Ideal is Mary Kom and I want to be like her. I want every female of my country to learn it for her self defense, and stay strong while she faces any helpless situation. There is a lack of female trainers in Jaipur.

If you have any queries related to Martial Arts, you can contact her here.

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