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  •  January 23, 2014

I belong to the middle class family. My father is an ex-service man, a retired Hawaldar.  He has always been incredibly supportive, and we are very close. I was always a topper in my class. When I completed my schooling, everyone in my family, except my father, was after me to make me married. And it is my father’s support and his trust in me that made me what I am today.

I got few placements from Engineering college. However, my dream was to work for Defense or Air Force. By the grace of god I got selected for both, and I preferred Air Force as my career. Training was very tough. Sometimes I was not able even to walk, to stand up… but I didn’t give up and kept believing in me. My job became the safest place for me now. I feel there like a family member. Women are given high respect in this field and lots of facilities.

Only thing is that you always get what you want if you have Courage!

It was a very hard way, but now when I look back I feel so proud of myself. Women believe in the myth that they are a Weak Gender. Break through it, and do the incredible.

Choose as your career what you truly want. It cannot be a trend to follow. Only then you can be fully satisfied and happy. Only then you get and give it all – all the 100%, and enjoy the hardest of the work. I never feel tired. More I get busy, the livelier and the more high-spirited I become. I do learn every day. There is still so much to discover. I keep reminding myself about importance of my position and work I handle every day. The responsibility of controlling air traffic does not give me load. It does not come as a heavy duty. Hence, it is my choice. I do love it!


This work made me physically fit. I can run 7 to 10 Km easily. And I will run the marathon of this life with the same ease and vigor.

 I believe that nothing should be gained through pain or force. But if there is no other way, stand for yourself. You live this life only once! Why to waste precious time on someone’s dream, even if it is your family’s dream. Be brave to fly on your own!

Love your Dream, and People will become incredibly supportive!

By Nisha Sharma,
Air Traffic Controller

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