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FLO(w), WOMEN! Exclusive interview with FLO Chaiperson

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  •  May 3, 2014

“FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO), Jaipur Chapter, will work towards enhancing the lives of women—not only for the members, but the non-members too. This will be done by mobilizing the power and passion of women so that they create a better society for all.”


This was stated by the new Chairperson of FLO, Jaipur Chapter, Ms. Apra Kuchhal today at the press conference in Hotel Lalit. The new appointment for Ms. Kuchhal was a coherent expansion of her activities associated with various NGOs for the empowerment of women and children.

Ms. Apra further said, “FLO will work with all determination in creating the belief that  women have an equal right to live free from fear and violence, attain self-reliance and achieve their personal goals through the mentoring programs organized by the FLO’s Entrepreneurial Consultancy Cell.”

Here, we bring for you the cheery conversation between Ms. Apra Kuchhal  and Ruby Khan of JWB after the conference.

Ruby: How will FLO Jaipur reach women living next door and help them with their social, emotional and psychological problems under your guidance?

Apra: FLO has member-counselors and psychologists who are constantly working with the women on the grass root level. We also are in constant contact with the various societies and government organizations, like Mahila Bal Vikas and Aangan Badis, from where we get to know about women in need and provide the required help, counseling, self-aid workshops etc. depending upon the requirement. In fact, we are also planning to conduct self-defense classes for girls in various girls’ schools and colleges. We also have business consultancy cell, that guides aspiring business women on all finance and business related matters, provides mentors and carries out one to one workshops to enhance their skills. This year FLO has a number of programmes crafted for women and their empowerment and enlightenment.

Ruby: What is the motto of FLO under Apra Kuchhal?

Apra: Inspire. It is time to Give Back and Inspire everyone around us. It is very important for us to be a source of inspiration and reach out to inspire others.

Ruby: And who has been inspiration to you?

Apra: I am very inspired by my family, especially my mother-in-law Mrs. Rashmi Kuchchal who has been a great source of motivation to me. I am also inspired by my mother who has given me powerful roots to grow up into a beautiful person.

Ruby: What according to you is more important Education, Values or Environment?

Apra: YOU are the most important. Your mind-set is the most important. No matter, how highly educated you become, if your mind-set is not right, then you will never get that extra mile. On the other hand, if your mind-set is balanced and good, then nothing can stop your success.

Ruby: Your Message for our readers.

Apra: The motto of this year is ‘FLO gives inspiration’. Regardless of the fact, you are a home maker or associated with any organization, giving inspiration is the most important. Even a mother gives inspiration to her child, and only then a child moves ahead in life. So, keep spreading Inspiration and move ahead with everyone together. And the Heartiest Congratulations to Jaipur Women Blog! You are doing an exceptionally good work. To get everybody together on one platform is a huge task. All the best for your future.

Ruby: And the last question: Define Apra in one line.

Apra: Inspiration. (Laughing sincerely)


At the conference Ms. Kuchhal has introduced the new FLO committee comprising of powerful women: Vinnie Kakkar, Bela Badhalia, Minal Jain, Alka Batra, Shefila Chordia and others. Also she has inaugurated the new FLO logo and its Motto of the year which is – ‘FLO gives Inspiration’.

FLO Logo

This year with FLO promises to be fulfilled through multi-level programs and various initiatives. To mention just a few programmes planned by FLO for the year: FLOga (Yoga sessions), FLOrganic (Organic Food Festival),FLObook (Organisational Directory), FLOss (Oral Hygiene Programme),FILM flo (Short Film Festival), FLOto (Photo exhibition for kids on Jaipur and its culture), NetFLO (Business Networking to exchange business ideas), INTERflo (skills development and self-defense training), FLO Bazaar (to promote artisans and craftsmen) and many others.

The Corporate Social Responsibility objective of FLO will continue with focus on the projects relating to Anganwadi, Kachi Basti and Joy of Giving Week. As in the past, celebrity guests, entrepreneurs, politicians and management gurus will be invited for various knowledge sharing sessions.The city of Jaipur will get a new focus from FLO this year through the Heritage walk as well as the program entitled ‘Insight of Our Pink City’.

A new initiative for the members this year will be “The Heath Clinics” wherein members shall have few minutes of physical activity session followed by a dedicated talk on the above topic.


And Ms. Kuchhal is ready to kick-start the ambitious agenda of Flo Jaipur already on May 7. The well known Indian classical singer, Shubha Mudga, and the eminent fashion designer, Raghuvendra Rathore will speak to the FLO members in Hotel Marriott in Jaipur. In the same evening in Hotel Clarks Amer, during an inaugural networking dinner, the world renowned classical dancer, Renuka Kumar will give a performance.

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