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Fitness Expert Eefa Shrof Shares With Us Her Holiday Breakfast Idea

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  •  December 31, 2018


New Year’s Eve is the time when everyone works on the saying, ‘New Year, New Me.’ The New Year brings in hope to change ourselves, our ways and everything we did wrong in the past year. Hence come the resolutions which we ponder upon for self-improvement in any and every area of life.

What I’ve personally noticed and experienced is that many people want to walk on the path of fitness in the new year. If you think you can relate, you’ve come to the right place. I contacted Eefa Shrof, a fitness expert whom I’ve spoken to multiple times regarding fitness. Remember her, right?

I asked Eefa about New Year ‘Health’ resolutions everyone should have and here’s how our conversation went:

“I would like to start off by saying that I think resolutions are a recipe for disaster. I think one should have goals that you can review daily. People make resolutions to lose weight, and they join the gym. That’s why gyms have so many new year offers. But people aren’t able to follow up on that. What you need is to learn how to set your goals. And that should start when you’re young,” she said. “But if you’re still making resolutions, you need to make sure you’re making the right ones.”

Me: Every age group has different physical requirements. Starting with teenagers, what would you say their resolution should sound like?

Eefa: For teens, I think their resolution should be to excel at a sport. If you can compete, there’s nothing like it. But excelling at a sport will help with your nutritional, psychological, and fitness development. I think you will rarely find anyone who’s good at a sport eating junk food every day or doing drugs or having alcohol. So when you get into a sport, everything will slowly fall into place for you.

Me: Moving on to people in their twenties. What should their resolutions be like?


Eefa: Meditate. And get enough rest. The human brain needs rest between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am so you can’t sleep at 4 in the morning and wake up at noon and say you have 8 hours of sleep.

(*hides face in guilt* In my defense, the university has been keeping me up this late!)

Eefa: All you need is to have a regulated lifestyle. Try whichever way of meditation you think will work for you.

Me: What about people in their thirties?

Eefa: Thirties is the time when people are trying to reverse aging somehow. The best way to do it is investing in building muscles because it’ll get harder in your forties due to the fall in BMR in our bodies. Building muscle in your forties isn’t too late, but it is late enough especially if you’re a woman.

Me: Speaking of people in their forties suffering from low BMR, what should their resolutions be?

Eefa: After you start building muscles, you should concentrate more on cardiovascular fitness in your forties. Run a marathon! Or set a goal to run one. If you haven’t started building muscles, start doing so and incorporate the marathon in your training.

Me: Lastly, people in their fifties.

Eefa: Women are going through menopause, and it affects their hormones and relationships. So their first priority should be to work on their relationships and getting them right. The next priority is to focus on your endocrine system and fixing your hormonal health. I would highly suggest taking herbal supplements like the Maca root and Evening Primrose Oil which will help balance your hormones.

Me: What are the positive affirmations to keep in mind while working on New Year goals?

Eefa: If you have a goal where you want to lose weight, you can frame it without using the word ‘lose.’ Make it something like, ‘1st Jan 2020, I am celebrating weighing ‘blank’ kgs at ‘blank’ body fat percent.’ The positivity will help you do wonders in achieving your goal.

To add to it, you should have a goal to master goal setting. I think I’m going to hold a goal setting workshop. Also, do a 21 whenever you’re around Mumbai. It will help you achieve short term goals for fitness.

Me: What is one fitness mantra everyone should follow?

Eefa: Listen to your body and be creative. People think that being on a diet means eating boring food. All you need to do is to polish your cooking skills and learn how to have a good relationship with food. People also have this misconception that rich people shouldn’t enter the kitchen. Your helpers can do the cutting and chopping for you. But it is your job to interact with your food. There are three steps to do that: Menu planning, Meal Prep and Cooking healthy and fresh food.

Me: Speaking of food, can you give us a recipe for a post-workout juice? *wink wink*

Eefa: I actually want to give you both a pre and post-workout juice idea. If you’re going to run a marathon you can pump yourself up with beetroot shots.  A Harvard Study said that if you take 100 ml beetroot juice before working out your stamina will go up by 25 percent! And that is incredible!

What I like to do is use one beetroot, an inch cube of ginger and juice it. After it’s juiced, I add some lime juice and ice to it. If you’re a professional athlete, you should have 100 ml and if you’re not, you can have any amount between 30 to 60 ml. The juice works as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. Have it 20 minutes before your workout, and you’re good to go. Juice is the real fast food, ya know.

For post-workout, you can go for absolutely any sugary juice you want. I like watermelon juice personally. So you can try apple, or mango, or orange, any sweet juice you like because you have a high tolerance for sugar after your workout and that’s when you can fulfill your sugar indulgence.

Me: Lastly, what are you planning to eat on January 1, 2019, for breakfast?


Eefa: What I usually do, I have 2 breakfasts, one at 7 am and one at 9 am. At 7, I have yogurt or whey protein with some fruit and stevia. And at 9 am I have egg and toast. Also, strawberries are gonna be in now so, maybe some strawberries with peanut butter whipped into a shake. Yum!

Not gonna lie, that sounds extremely delicious.

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