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Finding Meaning of EX in New Love Triangle

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  •  November 12, 2014


By new love triangle, we mean You, your Boyfriend and Social Media. Let’s get this; breaking up with someone is always painful. But more painful is to see your ex all smiling and enjoying his life to the fullest.

‘Had an amazing dinner at N’

*Wow and we always had food at dhabas.

‘Packing bags for Goa!!’

*What! We never even went to Ajmer together. Assh!%@

‘Drank and danced a lot with my BFFs’

*Oh, so now he has hot girls hanging around him, and he calls them best friends. Honey and bees.

‘Wearing stripes. Feeling cool.’

*I gifted him this tee-shirt. Damn.

This social media has made our lives hell. Our hearts wrench seeing ex’s cozy photos online. Better was the time of our parents when they had absolutely nothing to communicate except letters. At least, letter would never pop up on screens, and they could tear them up before reading! When that generation used to have break ups, they would cry or try (to get back). They never stalked, like we do. In a survey, it was found that a shocking 88% of us stalk ex’s Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Twitter, Viber…and now the horrifying Whatsapp. And god forbid, if you still use it, Orkut.

Psst! Sadly, there is only one way to come out from this feeling of anger, jealousy, guilt of breaking up, crashing down to tears. And that is to un-friend/ un-follow him from everywhere. If you are still tempted, better block this man. Bingo!

Ah, but here is another problem that we have to deal with. Common Friends. Yes, there are always common friends who, after a Saturday party with him, will upload photos. So now your FB wall is filled with his photos on a ‘supposedly-good’ Sunday morning. Ugh, this gives rise to non-stop tears and then handful of envious messages you might send him. So what’s the ultimate way of getting out of this shit?


Girl, it means it’s high time you reconstruct your life. Get back to the basics and try to fill the gaps created in your life after the breakup. We hate to break it, but the fun in his life is no way responsible for your misery. He gets to decide what he does in his life, where he goes, whom he meets or what he decides to wear. His moving on is not a sign of hurting you. And if it is, come on! Pull on the socks and prepare for a life that everyone envies. This certainly doesn’t mean going to parties at night and having a gala time with your friends will help, but how valuable you make your days after breakup, this what matters.

The important thing is to make every day valuable. May be you can go traveling to those places you have ever wanted to, may be you can give more to your passion and reach a height you have only dreamt of. We know you can. Smile and begin!

Must See

Brooklyn-based artist and designer Sarah K. Hallacher was keen to know what relationship means on the virtual world after breaking up. So she designed UX3 to explore. She says, “I didn’t know if after my breakup, we were still ‘friends’ or if our relationship status would reappear if he unblocked me. So I Googled my question, and noticed in the suggested queries that so many other people were asking those questions too.”

“ux3” gathers together text message conversations, search histories, Linkedin connections, mutual Facebook friends and a litany of other familiar online exchanges. The images and GIFs tell sometimes a strange story — one stripped of the intimacy and subtle emotions tangled up in face-to-face interactions. The site acts much like the internet itself, wooing you into a wormhole of auto-suggestions and pop-ups that mimic the ways technologies weave their way into our lives.

Sarah continues: “The funny thing is, these digital connections are real. The data is stored on a server somewhere, always remembering… I don’t think we’ve fully imagined the ways in which communication online is affecting our relationships and society, but it’s so important that we pay attention to it.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           By  Kritika Taneja,

Guest Writer

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