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Find Your Solution To The Problem Of ‘I have nothing to wear’

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  •  September 14, 2015


‘I have nothing to wear’ – said every woman on the planet earth.

Rashi Menda, Founder and CEO of Zapyle (pronounced Zap-aisle) says, “Millions of Indian women stock their closets with stuff worth over one billion dollars every year and still have nothing to wear. Nearly a third of their closet is never worn and another third is worn once or twice at the most.

Zapyle came into existence after Rashi decided to create a platform that allows women to sell and buy pre-owned clothes and accessories. Her website also helps inform women about the latest fashion trends while allowing them to discover styles for themselves.

Zapyle’s target audience is women between 18-30 who are active on social media and don’t mind borrowing clothes from stranger-girlfriends! The website has 4 style based filters – boho, trendy, classic and chic.

So that each buyer receives the best of quality, a definite quality-check is done before uploading the stuff on the website. Rashi says, “Before each seller is given the permission to sell on our platform, a significant amount of effort goes into verifying each seller. This involves background checks, lengthy discussions and quality checks. In essence, Zapyle only allows those users to sell who add value to the fashion community.” The price of a product is calculated on the basis of its age, brand and condition.

Since fashion trends quickly change, Rashi’s website also allows women to resell the products they buy. She remarks, “We don’t want women to wear the same outfit for too long – they Zapyle it after wearing it a couple of times and then put the money back into getting a new outfit.” Isn’t that so cool!

Talking of the challenges, Rashi notifies, “As the founder of the business, investors often want to know if I am married. When I say yes, they perceive it as a risk – because I may want to have a family in the near term. It takes a significant amount of effort to reassure investors that I am not planning a family in the near future.”

Excerpts taken from Your Story.

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