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Find Out What Happened At The FICCI FLO Teej Celebration!

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  •  August 22, 2015


The ladies of FICCI FLO Jaipur Chapter had an interesting and shimmering afternoon yesterday at city’s renowned and fancy jewelry store. I’m sure you would’ve understood why I have referred to the afternoon as shimmering! *Winks*

The women who attended the event found a delightful escape from their daily chores and relished the beauty and fervor of this festival with each otherIMG_2702

Lots of giggles and gossips echoed as the programme progressed with the host’s entry. Sumit (the host) indulged the ladies in interesting games beginning with the Question vs. Question round! Two pairs of ladies were called upon to engage in a conversation full of questions and no answers. And the glorious treasure driving them to do this was a bar of Perk chocolate, which, according to the host, had to be earned!


From “Is economics a part of microbiology?” to “Is idli made up of rice?” there were questions of all sorts which left the gathering laughing in splits! Next up was the game which is renowned for being the centre of attention at parties: Tambola! IMG_2768But they executed it in their own different version by assigning random tasks to people who reached the various milestones! Be it singing a Teej song, or be it reciting a love letter, the tasks were pretty engaging and gaiety-evoking too! And of course, the performers were awarded the mighty chocolate bar!


While all women rejoiced participating in these games, some lined up near the table where a nail caricature artist was at work beautifying and decorating their nails!


Amidst all the fun and frolic, I got a moment to chat with Mrs. Alka Batra and she told me about her plan to organize an informative and entertaining carnival event in the near future. Well, we’re looking forward to it!

Picture Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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