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Financial Independence With Young Jaipur Entrepreneurs

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  •  August 14, 2014


A woman will never buy a book on finances. Even if they get a heavy discount on it…or for that matter, absolutely free. Have you just smiled and nod? Let’s meet some more Jaipur women like you.

The relation between a woman and her finances is complicated. Unlike men, women believe in spending more than men. Under emotional sense, generally during shopping, they forget about the savings and future and just splurge. We interviewed 3 Jaipur based young entrepreneurs who are making it big in the city. We asked them questions based on finances, let’s read what they have to say.

Ridhima Sharma – 28 years, Entrepreneur and Legal Advisor. In her late teens, she had plans of opening up a kindergarten and a dance academy for Jaipur kids. In mid 20s, she was already a successful name among many parents and dance enthusiasts. Is she making a lot of money, though?


Priyanka Singh, Owner ‘Jaipur Pitara’. This energetic 36 years old amuses art lovers with her creative skills. After she completed her Design Course from England, she returned with a mission of launching her own label rather than working for someone else. Who supported her financially?

priyanka singh

Supreet Kaur, 22, Owner Miss Baker’s. She is making Jaipurites indulge in some guilt-free yummy desserts and cakes. This young lady has a magical hand, but does she has the wisdom to manage the money she is making?


1. We started with a simple yet complicated question – what does being ‘Financially Independent’ mean to you?

Ridhima – Absolutely not about how many green notes I earn, but the freedom I enjoy on whatever I earn.

Priyanka – Definitely, about how much you earn. You gotta live life king size! I don’t believe in depending on other, be it my family. It gives me a sense of security. Don’t compensate, but don’t be desperate at the same time.

Supreet – As long as my pocket is full, I am confident. This is the financial independence for me.

2. How did you start your own work? How did you arrange for finances?

Ridhima – I had been planning to open the school since long and very wisely. I had been saving my salaries, as I started earning when I was just 17.  I was clear – designing, marketing, staff and benefits from earnings.

Priyanka – I was working before I started with my own label. So some savings and a little family support!

Supreet – It was my father who helped me set up Miss Baker’s.

3. And what did you learn from this experience?

Ridhima – To never cease. I started with just Rs. 1800 per month. Today it may be much much more, but it made me confident then.

Priyanka – I am not a very ambitious person. I design for few close friends and handful of online stores. But through all this, I have learnt that I am capable of handling something of my own. I know I can manage the many tasks in hands, numerous orders, finances, staff, clients, deadlines, etc.

Supreet – Oh, at this age I am glad I know how to handle my clients and the last moment crisis with orders. The whole experience is learning for me, being a starter.


4. Do you save? What is your participation in family budgeting?

Ridhima – I don’t save, I invest. I make sure I keep Rs. 5000 minimum in my account. And then I invest the collective amount in either gold, or something similar. I give 20% of my salary to my family.

Priyanka – I invest all the money into my business. So saving, if done, is for the business only. I don’t contribute any particular amount into family budget. If I get hold of any bill, I pay it.

Supreet – I give all the earning to my elders.

5. How much do you spend on yourself each month?

Ridhima – I keep 40-50% for myself and it is enough for me to shop my preferred brands, eat out at my favorite food joints and make outstation travel plans with friends.

Priyanka – As I said, I believe in comfortable life so…

Supreet – I take pocket money from my parents. I think this has kept me grounded and controlled me from extra unnecessary expenditures.


Ridhima follows a rather planned life, which is the need of the hour for majority. She knows there isn’t any Prince Charming to help her in crisis. Safe mode is essential for her.


Priyanka lives an ‘open-wallet’ policy. She is free spirited and never compromises on her living style. She has joined her passion with her business, and hence takes no load of making big chuck of money.

Supreet, the youngest of all, is taking wise steps in the world of finances. She is preparing herself for the coming years and has been successfully controlling her habit of spending wisely.

3 Jaipur women Entrepreneurs. 3 different mindsets. If you are also an entrepreneur, whom do you relate yourself the most?

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