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Priya Motiani

IWB Blogger

Finally! Someone’s Shattering Feminist Stereotypes! Watch!

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  •  November 13, 2015


Feminists have quite often been the subject of chatter around the world. Mostly for the right reasons, but sometimes also for the wrong ones. 

They’ve been called names; they’ve been given tags such as ‘man-haters’, and what not. Dear world, take a minute! Watch this video from Buzzfeed Yellow which smashes to smithereens some stereotypes which have lingered on to feminists for far too long now.

“I’m a feminist, but not because it’s trendy.”

“I’m a feminist, but I’m not a man hater.”

“I’m a feminist, but I’m not an angry queer person.”

I’m a feminist, but I’m …….

What would you add to the statement?

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