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Finally! Indian Air Force Will Induct Women as Fighter Pilots!

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  •  October 29, 2015


For the first time in the history, Indian defense forces will enroll women to take up combat positions. The defense ministry has approved the proposal of Indian Air Force (IAF) to induct women as fighter pilots.

The first batch will be trained in June 2016, and by June 2017, India will have its first group of women combat pilots.

Defense ministry spokesperson, Sitanshu Kar, tweeted the announcement on Saturday:

Do you know what are the roles of women in the three forces? Read below:

  • Army: Inducts women into Signals, Army Air Defence, Engineers, Electronics and Mechanical Engineers, Army Aviation (Air Traffic Control), Army Service Corps, Intelligence Corps, Army Ordinance Corps, Army Education Corps and the Judge Advocate General branch.
  • Navy: Inducts women in the Judge Advocate General, Logistics, Observer, Air Traffic Controller, Naval Constructor and Education branches/cadres.
  • Air Force: Inducts women in Transport and Helicopter stream of the flying branch, Navigation, Aeronautical Engineering, Administration, Logistics, Accounts, Education and Meteorology branches.

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