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Finale Part 2: “Gitais” ChEAT Their Way At Hotel Holiday Inn

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  •  December 23, 2015


Remember how for the “World Diabetes Month”, we began our campaign called “ChEAT With Aditi?” We have finally steered into its finale! The “Taks” and the “Gitais” shook hands, and stood face to face with one another, ready for the showdown.

Recap: Ruhi and Sunanda were given the task to prepare a Chinese Salad by our Dietician Aditi Mehrotra and Holiday Inn’s talented Chef Biswajit. Also, Aditi and the Chef tasted the desserts the ladies had prepared at home. The wonderful people at Holiday Inn were a breeze to work with, and we made sure to maintain the cleanliness that we were greeted with while working.

Apple Kheer and Lauki Halwa

Apple Kheer and Lauki Halwa

Sunanda prepared Apple Kheer for everyone, and even though we were expecting apple pie we weren’t disappointed! It tasted pretty unique; I must say. After Aditi and Chef Biswajit had tasted the kheer, it was time for the verdict on the desserts.

Chef Biswajit: The apple kheer is too thin in its consistency. It is an art to grate apple and press and drain the water from the apple. This way the kheer stays creamy. The second way to thicken the apple kheer is by adding more condensed milk. The taste was unique. She could have added some walnut and raisins to it. The presentation is done in a bowl looking like an apple. However, even here there is no garnish. I would rate it again as good.


Dietician Aditi: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so goes the age-old adage. But it is truly a myth. Apple is rich in antioxidants and pectin undoubtedly, but it is not a rich source of iron, as claimed. This fruit is considered as the King of good health, but just an apple a day will not suffice. Maybe that is why Sunanda chooses apples to any other fruit. Yes, the taste was exquisite. Apple kheer is not very common, and when someone tries to innovate and present something unique, it catches my attention. Calories come in much later. Now the evil in me says the kheer could have been little less sweet. It was too flowy in texture. But it certainly does not allow a free flow of that concentrated calorie laden condensed milk to be added to thicken it. Chef suggested, and we almost got into a sweet argument as sweet as the condensed milk. What should change the consistency in kheer is the milk itself. It needs evaporation and constant simmering. Once the thickening of milk changes the texture, grated apple drained and squeezed thoroughly should then be added. Another trick is to toss the grated mass with almond powder and cinnamon. This will add to the taste and the protein content. And the almond meal will absorb extra water.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ashish Chaturvedi, Director Sales and Mr. Azeem, Marketing head of Holiday Inn also tasted and appreciated the taste of both the desserts. Congratulations, ladies!

Things were getting intense as Sunanda had put on the cap and marched into the kitchen. She scanned through the ingredients, and it seemed like she had an idea of taking things forward! Sunanda picked out some veggies including bell pepper, beans, broccoli and mushrooms and gave them to Chef Biswajit for steam.


Meanwhile, she utilized her time wisely and prepared the salad dressing with honey, salt, pepper, sesame seeds and flax seeds. I could tell that the husbands were now getting hungry, hearing the crockery rattle, as the aroma of steamed veggies mingled with the delicious apple kheer and lauki halwa.


Once the salad dressing was ready, and the veggies were steamed, Sunanda shuffled them together and garnished with a carrot flower.


It was now Chef’s turn to demonstrate how to make a nice Chinese salad.


All items were neatly arranged on the slab, where we were going to see the man in action.


He began with throwing in some bell pepper, beans, lettuce, and asparagus into the steamer. On the side, he began working on the dressing.

He gave his expert comments, saying, “Whenever you prepare a salad, always remember, the dressing and veggies are never steamed together.”


He made the dressing by digging out some sweet chili sauce, sesame seeds, salt, wee bit pepper.

“Also, salad dressing should completely glace the salad. Otherwise, you can’t even taste it!”

After his uniquely cut vegetables were steamed, he began the dressing part.


“You should never mix and serve the salad in the same dish,” he said, transferring the salad into another platter. He neatly mixed it and garnished it by crossing four bok choy leaves intersecting one another.

It was noticeable how there was very little salad, to which he added, “Salad is an appetizer, and we shouldn’t stuff ourselves with it! It should be in limited quantity, and look attractive.”


Well, it did look attractive.

When we tasted the chef’s salad, we were blown away. I set my writing pad away and stole a few bell pepper pieces. I didn’t want to be the only one who have committed the crime, so I also tempted Photographer Pallav into eating some of it. Yay!


Anurag Gitai grabbing a bite!

Now is the time for the final verdict!

Chef Biswajit: Sunanda wanted to do a sauté, or a pan tossed vegetable dish. Aditi asked her why she needed oil at all?! She was good at selecting the vegetables. She prepared her vegetables well. The dressing she made was done separately in another bowl. She used honey as the base. The presentation was simple and sweet. Overall it was good, but she could have used more ingredients. 


Dietician Aditi: Sunanda was better planned and quick in decision-making abilities. She pre-calculated in her mind her steps and methods. But the evil in me denied any use of oils and pan-tossing. It confused her at first. But then she went on and quickly tossed up a simple salad. She did not use too many ingredients. The taste was okay. The dressing was not flowy. Vegetables were handled well concerning nutrient retention. I’d say Sunanda, well done! You seemed an alien in the kitchen as the kitchen is not your favorite place in your nest, but you did it, girl!” 


The winners according to me are both the ladies. They tried, they learned, performed, showed a willingness to go through the drill. What I saw was the bond the families shared all through the campaign-supportive husbands and their lovely ladies!


(L to R): Me, Aditi, Chef Biswajit, Sunanda Gitai & Ruhi Tak

The winner of this campaign was supposed to receive some envious gifts, so here they are!

Congratulations, Sunanda & Ruhi!!! You both have won the complimentary dinner vouchers by one of the best Hotels of Jaipur – HOLIDAY INN. You also win the Dieted Hamper each from Aditi! Yayy!!


Left: Ruhi’s salad, Right: Sunanda’s salad

But if talking numbers, the winners for the campaign are Ruhi and Karan Tak who bagged a maximum number of votes throughout the campaign!

Photo Courtesy – Pallav Bhargava

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