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FICCI FLO Jaipur Chapter Meets Girls Of Balika Sadan On Gandhi Jayanti

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  •  October 2, 2015


Today we had an amazing opportunity to volunteer at Balika Sadan where underprivileged and orphan girls come for schooling. Thanks to FICCI FLO Jaipur Chapter that has planned a week-long social activity where its team will indulge in creative and educational sessions with the little ones at Balika Sadan and Akanshaa School in Jaipur.

3FLO ladies started the session with a morning prayer followed by a laughter-exercise where girls aging 3 to 8 were made to laugh out loud on listening to some interesting stories. 5That’s what we call LOL, right! Undoubtedly, each one of them enjoyed it. After all, laughing until your stomach hurts is what the real laughter is all about!1

Session 2 was the medical checkup. 1011Doctors from FLO team along with their respective teams had come to Balika Sadan. 14 16Systematic rows were then formed by little girls who waited outside the rooms in which ENT doctors and Dentists were performing tests.9

Aww…you should have looked at their tiny faces. The smallest lot of kindergarten was so afraid that few of them started crying. Only after the FLO women handed over some chocolates to them, they smiled. Phew!15

The kids with not so good dental health were advised to brush their teeth twice in a day, and were also given packets of Colgate toothpaste.x2

While some of them stood patiently for their chance, we asked them what they liked the most about the story they were listening to an hour before. One of the toddlers said, “The moment when the woman in the story tasted her spicy hot soup is my favorite. I was laughing when she jumped in search of water!”18

You know what, this statement proves how naughty these cute monsters are!

After the hour-long medical check-up, women of FICCI encouraged these girls to make drawings in order to brighten their mood. 25They called it a competition in which everyone was the winner. Needless to say, we witnessed some wondrous drawings! While some preferred to keep their trees natural…x1

…others decided to turn themselves into Picasso by creating orange, pink and yellow trees! We’re not complaining, though.x3

Some of the class 3 girls surprised us with their geometric art. Check out this artistic rose!40

By the end of next one hour, crayons, paint, and pencil scrap was everywhere but the memories created were worth all that!38 41

Once they were done, the FICCI women took a mini-session on keeping our city green and healthy. This was the last session for the day. 43They guided the girls on how one can plant saplings in this season, when the right weather is, etc.  The enthusiastic children too poured in their thoughts, making the session more interactive and lively.45 46

Many of us rarely think of how life would be without our parents and luxuries, but for these children it is their reality. May God bless them. To keep them smiling, FLO Jaipur has decided to screen the Bollywood movie ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ at the Raj Mandir later this week where Mr. Sachin Pilot will be the guest of honor.

Photo courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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