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Financial Independence with Jaipur Family Ladies

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  •  August 18, 2014

So how does a woman with family handle finances? We roped in 2 Jaipur women – a school teacher and a housewife – to give us the appropriate answers that each of you can relate to.


The family expects the housewife to carefully manage the husband’s money. Mrs. Rekha Jain is no exception. A mother of two, living in a joint family, Rekha is doing this management in her own ways.


Mrs. Kamna Kaul, a teacher at the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya. A single parent of two, we really want to know her mantras as well.

JWB: What do you understand by the term ‘financial independence’?

Kamna: Financial independence for me is to have a freedom of spending according to my own lifestyle without others interfering in it.

Rekha: It is a must for me. Being a housewife doesn’t mean you are dependent on your husband. In my case, I have the freedom to decide and take action. 

JWB (To Kamna): And why have you chosen teaching as your career?


Kamna: Being a widow when I faced a crisis, I thought of this noble profession only. And since I love kids, and am pretty good at art work, so I thought why not to teach Arts? Plus, I get paid well.

JWB (To Rekha): Do you think being a housewife contributes financially?


Rekha: Yes, absolutely. I am an expert in home management now. I know when we need extra in storage, how to handle sudden shortage, how to use things effectively to not shoot the budget all of a sudden, etc. My daughter’s friends take advice from me.

JWB: Tell us your learning of handling finances from all these years.

Kamna: I have become an independent woman, a smart mother who no more needs any man’s support or waits for another’s approval. I have put the same values in my son and daughter.

Rekha: My learning in these years has a lot to do with effective usage of money. I generally take a particular amount for my budgets related to kitchen and other household chores and try my best to use the money in hand effectively, but with absolutely no compromises.

JWB: How do you enjoy this monetary independence in your life? Do you contribute in family budgeting?

Kamna: I earn. I spend. I save for my kids. And since I am single mother, I do all the budgeting myself.

Rekha: Every housewife takes money from her husband’s earrings and there is nothing bad in it. My family, especially my husband, has put their trust in me since the very first day. It makes me feel more independent and confident with my choices.

JWB: What is the fixed amount that you save? And amount that you spend only on yourself? Can you answer in exact figures?

Kamna : I earn 50,000 per month n spend 20,000 on my household and helpers. Rest goes into bonds and on me.

Rekha: I feel good in months when I manage to save. But it’s alright even if I don’t. Prices are increasing anyway. As far as I am concerned, I take care of myself. I understand the importance of self-grooming, staying up-to-date with the fast moving time and having that satisfaction in your life. Hence, there is no particular limit of money as such.

Both these women represent the independent women of Jaipur. They are empowered in their own ways and have been inspiration for many. Share your mantras with us too!

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