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Feed India By Donating Your Left-Over Food With This Mobile App!

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  •  October 20, 2015


Does it ever occur to you when you dine at a restaurant or your office, or at your home, for that matter, that your left-over food could be an entire meal for a day for someone?

Treading on the same thought and in lieu of the World Food Day (October 16), three members of a youth organization called ‘Feeding India’ have come up with a mobile application by the same name. This application will make donating food as easy as ordering it by connecting you to nearby Hunger Heroes at the earliest. As a result of this, donation of food will become more of a regular activity, than a one-time two-times thingy.

Who are these geniuses, you may ask? Well, they are students of Padre Concenção College of Engineering, Goa: Aldrich Mascarenhas, Aaron de Miranda Colaço and Valindo Godinho, and are very aptly titled as the Hunger Heroes. Don’t you think?

I am downloading the Feeding India app right away! And I urge you all to do the same. Because this concept is so awe-inspiring!

Also, not to forget the feeling of happiness that you feel when you know that some less-fortunate person went to sleep with a smile and a full stomach, due to you. Could there be anything more gratifying than that?

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