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Father turns Fun-Time with his Kid into a Business Venture

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  •  June 9, 2015


From waking up in the morning to our afternoon naps, from finishing lunchboxes to finishing homework, as kids, whole of our day is usually spent with our mothers. But then comes the evening, our favorite part of the day, when Daddy comes home! And we can fidget around as much as we want with his laptop and phone, and get unlimited access to the television!

Isn’t that the usual scenario in every house these days? Mothers take up most of the parenting responsibilities and the fathers come home from work, all drained out, happily willing to hand over their digital gadgets to the kids.

But we came to know of one father, who wanted to break this monotony. Who wished to spend quality time with his 4-year old son, without making him prone to ill effects of the increased screen time.

Vishwanathan Ramakrishnan, holding an Engineering degree from IIT, Varanasi and Management degree from IIM Kozhikode, was part of the senior management team at Tutorvista and led business development efforts for its school division. He is also a father who was confronted with the need to satiate and entertain his 4-year old son.

“My wife and I had busy careers but wanted to spend time with our four-year- old. But it was difficult to figure out what to do with him. It would have been easy to plonk him in front of the TV with us, or give him the iPad to play with. But we didn’t want to do that,” says Vishwanathan in one of his interviews.

Magic Toys

Initially, Vishwanathan got in touch with a few childhood experts to get some products designed for his child. Gradually, he turned his desire to keep his son engaged into a full-fledged entrepreneurial venture, Magic Crate.

Magic Crate is a theme based stimulating, fun and learning activity box for 4-8 year olds that is mailed to your doorstep every month,” as quoted by the website.

Your kids can play with this craft kit on a subscription basis, starting at a price of Rs 799 per month.

The best thing that we find about this activity box is that it comes as a Do-It-Yourself project. The next best thing, you may ask, is the interesting range of themes offered which are sure to attract not only your tiny humans, but you as well! So, a fun filled quality time with your kids is booked, hands-on! Right?

Here’s what some of the mothers had to say about it:

“I just want to thank you all. My kids are doing such amazing things that they see as fun yet I know is educational, valuable, and worthwhile. Thank you so much!!!”

-Reshma HA, Professional and mother of 6-year old

“Finally I have found a way to keep my twins off mindless cartoons on TV. Thank you so so much ! I only wish we had had these things available when we were growing up !”

-Jasleen Kaur, Finance Professional and mother of 2 kids

While writing this article, I was remembering the times, when we were toddlers, running after those glitzy little toy cars, and stumbling upon those building blocks. Such fond times! Well, long gone are those days, and so are those toys we grew up playing with. Kids of this generation have such innovative options at their disposal!

Isn’t this one of the fruits resulting from right parenting, where both the parents are equally involved?

Tell us in the comments what games your husband plays with your kid.

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