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Fashion Photographer Rick Guidotti Does Beautiful Photoshoot Of People With Visible Genetic Conditions

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  •  July 25, 2015

Fashion photographer Rick Guidotti has done a powerful photoshoot redefining the beauty standards of our society. He decided to take photograph people with visible genetic conditions, and boy he has done wonders.

75e09567a4e6251dae68fbcd60e05573On Beauty is the name of his project and one of these women is Sarah Kanney who has Sturge-Weber syndrome. She is a large port-wine stain on her face caused by Sturge-Weber syndrome. Sarah asks, “People stare. Are we really so different and not like you that you have to stare?3cd58349ee9c73e226612e77b71dd8b4

Another beauty is Jayne Waithera who has albinism. She says, “We are not ghost-like, we are just human beings. I think it’s high time we break some of these taboos.”7148e178dde9c1690bf450c8a981e16fDo you remember we once talked about Winnie Harlow, the upcoming model with vitiligo? We are glad the changes in the mindset are happening, slow but steady. o-BEAUTY-570Rick wants to inspire people to see beyond the medical condition and hence, change their definition of beauty. He tells HuffPost, “Often when I’m photographing someone with a difference, somebody will come and see the photographs and say, ‘Oh, you’re really capturing their inner beauty!’ And I’m like, fuck inner beauty. These kids are gorgeous!”0d62bb5a30304c86039ebae718084170

Don’t they look as beautiful as any supermodel? Look how happy they look.o-VISIBLE-GENETIC-CONDITION-570

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