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Fashion Designer Wendell Rodricks Talks About The Sizes That Only Matter

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  •  December 5, 2017

How many of you recently saw yourself naked in the mirror? Wendell started his session at the Woman Up! Summit 2017 with this question. Only a few hands could make up their way to the air to say a yes.

“It actually is a Litmus test that shows your love for your body. It shows how confident you are in your own skin.”

Bringing the minimal trend to India, Wendell is an ace fashion designer who is very passionate about the causes he feels for. At the session, he spoke on the topic SIZE NO BAR and his points were equally applaud-worthy and thought-provoking.

“At my store in Goa, I refuse to label my clothes large or extra large. They are categorized under Slim-medium-voluptuous-voluptuous goddess.”

“I believe successful women focus on their style and not on the trend.”

His words kept spreading body positivity all over the auditorium, inspiring many women who were present there. He reminded, “Size doesn’t matter, age doesn’t matter. The only size that matters is the size of your generosity, compassion, and wisdom. Don’t go blindly to buy trends. Wear what suits your style.”


From somebody who has aged gracefully had an amazing advice for people worrying about something as natural as aging. He said, “Age is just a number. The best day of your life is your present day. Every day you should say to yourself ‘This is the day of my life.’ Often people remind me of my under eye “bags” and I reply ‘Yes, I know. One is Prada and one is Dior. It’s the gravity of aging – hips will fall down, breasts will fall down, it doesn’t matter. Celebrate yourself every day.”

Speaking of women empowerment he had to say, “The women in my team, who take a break for marriage or child or any other situation, I tell them that they can come back whenever. They’re welcome anytime to join and work. Doesn’t matter if you’re now married or a mother now, you still have the kala and I value that. And I really want to spread this practice that can empower more and more women. I think women are multi-handed goddesses who have the power to multi-work and balance everything. I admire and support them forever.”

Catching up with him backstage, we got into a quick conversation with him.


What would you like to suggest to women in their 40s who want to explore new trends but are conscious to make a shift in their dressing sense?

For women who want to explore new fashion things, I would suggest to do it gently, don’t do drastically.

Early this year you published your book, Poskem: Goans in the shadow, that spoke about year-old tradition in Goa of children adopted by wealthy families and later treated as bonded labor. Did the experience of writing the book evolve you as a person?

As a human being, it changed 1-2 things in me. Like, suddenly I realized I could be the voice of these people. This is not a fashion voice, this is not an LGBTQ+ voice, this is not a writer’s voice, this is about people who have been ignored for so long, never spoken about, hidden in the shadows. I became their voice quite unconsciously.

I felt the story deserved to be told. I think that’s what the book taught me that I can write a book in 30,000 words and keep the narrative together.

All things said and done, but we still hardly see all size bride-work in the fashion world. What is your take on it?

I think it should become all about the bride. I don’t think clothes are important at all. If you don’t have the body to wear a chaniya choli or if you don’t have the body to wear a lehenga, don’t wear it. Wear a saree, ‘cause a saree cuts everything in half.

Also, women have to be more supportive of women at a larger level and they have to make the change. If they write to the magazines or designers and say that we are unsubscribing to your magazine because you’re just showing skinny models, then the magazine will have to sit up and take note.

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