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Fashion Designer Kirti Rathore: See with your Heart!

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  •  October 2, 2014

Jaipur’s very own designer Kirti Rathore showed her beautiful collection at the recent Runway Week Delhi season 3. Her collection embodied Rajasthan’s colorful fabrics with Kashmir’s embroidery and with a showstopper Manish Paul; the whole show was breathtaking. But apart from this, what actually touched spectators’ hearts was her models on the stage.


Kirti invited visually impaired boys to walk the ramp wearing her designs. Holding their hands, Kirti and Manish made a grand entry that was received by a standing ovation by audience. The Ujala Society of Blind, Delhi joined hands with Kirti’s show to spread the awareness of eye donation.


Here is Jaipur Women Blog’s exclusive interview with Kirti Rathore on success of her event:

JWB – How will you describe socially responsible clothing?

Kirti – For me, the socially responsible clothing is where the brand supports the worthy social causes and those in need through financial donations and the donation of physical goods. I firmly believe that a couturier can easily make his work socially responsible.

JWB – Does the couture become more intriguing and appealing to people if it has a social message?


Kirti – It does. And the same happens vice versa. The social cause gains more limelight from fashion shows.

JWB – How did the visually impaired boys who walked the ramp for you feel? Did they share anything later?

Kirti – The boys were super excited to walk the ramp. Though, they couldn’t see but their body language showed how happy they were. Their wide smiles and energy lit the ramp with happiness. After the walk, one of them walked upto me and said: “Didi, aisa pehli baar hua hai.” (This has happened for the 1st time). I had tears of joy in my eyes. Moreover, some of them were excited to know they are walking alongside Manish Paul whom they have heard on television so many times.


JWB – Was it difficult to make them understand the task and agenda?

Kirti – Initially, I and my Choreographer, Rashmi Virmani, were little skeptical. Doubtful, not because the blind boys will not be able to walk in my clothes – but we were worried thinking they might find it difficult to walk on a narrow ramp. We instructed them to walk 28 steps forward while holding my and Manish’s hands. I was surprised seeing them do the task very well inspite of loud music where my counting was not even audible to them. They all are my stars.

JWB – Will any profit from this show go to the Ujala Society of Blind?

Kirti – Yes. Also, in my retail showrooms, I have kept beautiful diya collection (Diwali lamps) made by them at Ujala. The money collected from the sales will also go to Ujala foundation.

JWB – You too have pledged to donate your eyes. Tell us about that.

Kirti – Lately, I realized how so many people are not able to see their loved ones and this feeling drenched me from inside. What is worst than not seeing the person you hold dear to your heart? After that I decided to donate my eyes to Eye Bank Society of Rajasthan. It is such a noble cause and I feel good inside after doing so.

JWB – Do you support any other social cause other than this?

Kirti – I do. I am on the panel with the Touch Foundation that works on the betterment of underprivileged kids. Also, I support the Rays and Faith organization which works for special kids. I am actively associated with the Tara Homes Delhi and Bandra Community Center Mumbai for Underprivileged Kids. I love kids and want a better future of those who are less fortunate.

JWB – Talking about your beautiful collection, how on earth did you ever think of mixing Kashmir’s embroidery with Rajasthan’s colorful palate?

Kirti – Thank you. This idea struck me during the unfortunate Kashmir floods. With this collection I want to promote Kashmir’s traditional embroidery and appeal to people to support the state by buying this beautiful craft. In my collection, I definitely wanted my roots from Rajasthan to be displayed along with Kashmir’s art. I have mixed a lot of bright colors on the inside placket which is visible under the embroideries.


JWB – Why do you think our state’s fashion is gaining popularity worldwide?

Kirti – Rajasthan is one of the most popular states in terms of rich & royal culture and heritage. And that’s why we attract most number of tourists. The naturally dyed block prints, sanganeri prints and daboo prints were favorite among rulers of this land. The craze has never faded since then. I am thankful to Rajasthan based designers who have been highlighting state’s work on national and international runways.

JWB – Lastly, which styles would you like to suggest for Jaipur women towards this festive season.

Kirti – I would suggest women wear dress and maxi skirts with our traditional gotta-patti work. That’s a great way to give a fresh makeover to the western style. Also, I think lots of orange…bright orange and peach hues are trending for Indian festivals in 2014.

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