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Fantastic photo project shows: to lose weight one needs sense of humor

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  •  May 8, 2015


Strong will, self-love and perseverance are important things to achieve success in one’s slimming campaign. To add more, sense of humor will make this journey even more enjoyable. Want the proof? Check this fantastic photo project!

When Beth decided to have gastric-bypass surgery in a bid to lose weight, she contacted her friend and photographer Blake Morrow, to capture her weight loss journey. She lost 150 pounds in total – well done, Beth.

The result is a series of creative photos, known as The Beth Project, that draw on hilarious pop culture references.

“Both Beth and I didn’t want to see a somewhat depressing ‘before’ shot of her, badly-lit, in her bedroom with a closet door behind her, with another shot two years later by the same door,” Morrow told

“We wanted to celebrate who she is, both before and after the weight loss, while also communicating the excitement and encouragement that change can bring. Beth loves life and is a very optimistic person, and we wanted to capture that in my portraits of her.”

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Morrow admits that while he used Photoshop to create the images, he didn’t alter Beth’s body shape.

“I was determined to use it in a way that would encourage and inspire people while being true to the heart of my subject,” he said.

Ohhh, and we are so much inspired! Isn’t Beth amazing?

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