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Face to Face with Jaipur Police

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  •  September 17, 2014

Police is considered insensitive towards women. Maybe, with same thought in mind and many questions to be asked, women from Jaipur city attended the FICCI FLO Jaipur chapter’s event ‘Face to Face’.  There, they met 4 delegates from the Police Department.

These delegates were Mr. Navdeep Singh, Additional Director General of police, Mr. Janga Srinivasa Rao, Commissioner of Police, Mr. Anand Vardham Shukla, Deputy Inspector General of Police, and Ms Lovely Katiyar, Deputy Comissioner of Police Traffic.


Ms. Lovely Katiyar, Deputy Comissioner of Police Traffic, spoke about various measures that Traffic Police Deprt. is taking. She said – “Our target is to provide free flow traffic. For that, we are now launching ‘one-way’ applications, Priyadarshini Vaahans, becoming stricter with drink and drive. We have already introduced Traffic Alert SMS where you can get current updates on traffic of your area. You just have to send a message at 519696 writing RJ_TPSUB. We also have a Facebook page where we interact with people for easy access.”

When one woman asked how the masses can contribute, Ms. Lovely said – “Interestingly, we have a wonderful scheme under which every civilian (above 20 yrs old) can help the Traffic Police by becoming a Traffic Warden. You can help us control the traffic during rush hours!”


Answering one very general question of how Police is working towards betterment, Mr. Janga Srinivasa Rao, Commissioner of Police, said – “Our focus is to build a sense of security among our people and gain their trust. We have put boxes in campuses, coaching classes, etc where people can suggest us steps for more effective working. The EPS systems, SOS, Chetaks (Police patrolling vehicles) have been made more fast and pro-active. Also, I urge women to keep an eye on the defense classes we keep organizing for the city’s women.”


FLO Jaipur Chairperson, Apra Kuchhal, didn’t stop from asking some important questiond. Like: “Why is it so difficult to approach the senior Police?” At that, Mr. Navdeep Singh, Additional Director General of police, said – “It is the age old tradition we are following from the time of British rule. The hierarchy has been maintained and few rules are still being followed. But, we are now trying to bend it. However, at some point this is effective seeing in many cases people register false charges which are mostly handled by our talented Inspectors, SPs and their team.”


JWB ASKED – “What a girl should do in case of eve-teasing on road?”

THEY ANSWERED – “First, every woman must know about 1090 women helpline number and the Women Police Station that is located in Raja Park. But if you want to ask about on-the-spot action, women are legally allowed to keep and use safety measures like pepper spray, small knife, pins, etc. Consider yourself brave enough to knock down the man infront of you. And if you can, do note the vehicle number, if any, and report to your nearby Police Station.”


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Another attendee asked – “When we go and seek help of Police, they ask for Kharcha-paani (bribe) to do the task quickly. How can we fight this?” Mr. Anand Vardham Shukla, Deputy Inspector General of Police, asserted – “Isn’t it people like us have encouraged them to accept bribes? To get the work done in no time irrespective of the procedures, civilians are to be responsible for this unfortunate tradition. Let’s change it.” This gave us the answer of how the corruption lying in the Police Depart. is not just their bad, but ours as well.


After the session, we realized that we cannot just blame the department. We must not overlook the work they have been doing for us. We ourselves went out last night to see many Police jeeps standing all around the city. They spend sleepless nights to keep a check on our security and we think that has made our city one of the safest place to live in for women as compared to other metros.

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