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EXCLUSIVE: Mentor-Mentee Conversations

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  •  March 13, 2014


Read exclusive conversations of mentor-mentee duos while they were having Mentoring Walk on 8.3.14. It will give you a hint how enriching and powerful the concept of mentoring is.

Conversation 1:

Jewellery Designer Sonal Sawansukha was the Mentor for Divya Sharma. She began the conversation by familiarizing with her mentee which broke the ice. Lets see what they talked about during the Mentoring Walk on March 8, 2014:

Sonal-SawansukhaMentor, Sonal – What do you seek from a Mentor?
Mentee, Divya Sharma Textile business & jewellery designer – I want my mentor’s conditional support towards me during breakdown, just like a friend. Also, I wish to connect more in future with my mentor.
Mentor – Tell me your experience as a mentee. Trying something new is a risk. What should be the right Balance?
Mentee – Balance is required which comes from learning and experience. Right now I’m in my learning stage and I am here to learn as a mentee. I’m here to learn more about how to take my business to its next level.This learning when put in practice will create a right balance for me and hence I look forward to you.
Mentee – Three points for success?
Mentor: They are –
1. Be passionate about what u do
2. As a woman you have to create a right balance between life and business.
3. Be open to and in touch with new technology.
Mentee – As a Mentor, what do you anticipate from this walk?
Mentor- More than learning I’m looking out for life experience. I’m looking out for the one whom I can be. I have liked being your Mentor & its a very new experience for me altogether. As a mentor, I look forward to be with you in your good and bad phases.
Mentee – In what life situation would you want to become a Mentee?
Mentor – Every time I feel deadlocked in my professional or personal life, and my family or friends are not able to answer my queries; that time I really seek for a mentor. Someone who can become a guiding force and tell you what to do so that you can come out of it.

Conversation 2:

And here what Mentor, Dr. Taruchaya, and her Mentee, Preeti, a Share Market Professional, discussed on the Eve of the Global Mentoring walk-2014.

Dr.-Taruchaya-BansalMentor Dr. Taruchaya: What do you want to ask from me?
Preeti, Mentee: How to keep one’s balance while facing losses?
Mentor – Profits and losses are two sides of the same coin. When we have profit we are happy, in loss we are sad. Only when we are sad we know the value of joy. In absence of darkness we never appreciate light. That’s why we must keep in mind that we should not be “Greedy”. If we become Greedy during our profit, we will soon get the Loss. Over investment creates problems and increases chances of failure. Hence, we should try to create a balance in order to avoid any chances of failures.
Mentee: Thank you & tell me 3 points for success for a Mentee.
Mentor: According to me they are –
1. We should know our target.
2. We should not be Greedy.
3. Have faith in Almighty.

Conversation 3:

One of the mentors was Dr. Rimmi Shekhwat (her photo is shown here). She has some direct guidance to give to her mentee Atika Bhandari, MBA teacher, and even asked her few questions to keep the communication 2-way and interesting! See below:

Dr.-Rimmi-ShekhawatMentor – What do you want to ask me as your mentor?
Mentee – How have you gained so much confidence & grown in life?
Mentor – I believe in 2 theories: 1st that everyday is a struggle and we must keep learning. If we are successful, we do not work hard. But this is where we go wrong. 2nd is the Darwin’s theory – survival of the fittest. How? Only be keeping your mind fit which is a positive attitude and approach towards whatever you do. Stay determined and know clearly what you want to achieve.
Mentee – In what life situation would you want to become a Mentee?
Mentor – In our daily life, stressful situations appear and then we get into dilemma of taking the right decision. At that point of time I definitely want to become a mentee so that some mentor can guide me using his own experience in that similar situation.
Mentee – What are your expectations from this walk?
Mentor – During this Walk I have been introduced to so many peer mentors, all from different walks of life. I have been interacting with them and this has made me realize that like them even I’m a woman of substance. I feel so complete today. In future as well, I always want to rediscover and relive myself during this wonderful walk.
Mentee – 3 points for success?
Mentor – They are:
1. Stay focused
2. Get the determination and positive attitude.
3. Be Transparent and Fair in professional dealings and personal relationships.
Mentor – Trying something new is called risk. What, according to you, is the right balance required to minimize the risk?
Mentee – I think that whatever new I’m going to try if something will not affect my life personally and professionally and I can gain something then it will not be a risk. It can be a risk if it adversely affects my personal and professional life. This will be the way I usually minimize my risk.

Conversation 4:

Mrs. Vaidehi Singh, Principal – Sawai Bhawani Singh School (her photo is shown here) was the Mentor for Ms. Samira Singhi a on March 8, 2014. Let’s see what they discussed about:

Vaidehi-SinghMrs. Vaidehi – What do you want to learn as my mentee?
Ms. Samira – I want your guidance as to how you came to establish school and so many different experiences in business.
Mrs. Vaidehi – Trying something new is a risk. What should be the right Balance according to you?
Ms. Samira – I want to do it and put 100% but at the same time do not want to neglect my personal life. I need their support as well.

Ms. Samira – In what life situation would you want to become a Mentee?
Mrs. Vaidehi – I would like to be mentee of a person whom I can look up to. I should know about My Mentor to the core. He should not be a stranger to me.

Ms. Samira – As a Mentor, what do you anticipate from this walk?
Mrs. Vaidehi – There are new changes coming constantly in every profession and people face new problems. I want to know problems and issues that young generation face…eg. you in your professional phase. I would like to know more about them and work on their solutions. It helps us in better understanding of younger people.

Ms. Samira – Three points for success?
Mrs. Vaidehi –
1. Success means be happy in what you are doing.
2. Give your full to it.
3. Have a balance.

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