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‘ExamFear’ On YouTube Is Weaving Love Stories Of Students And Their Subjects

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  •  September 13, 2017


Let’s teleport back to the time when we were kids. The time when the tremendous weight of our books used up all our energy for the day. One look from our teachers was all it took to make us run in the opposite direction. We hated our parents for constantly making sure we mugged up everything. What happened? Afraid to go back?

This is the very experience that Roshni Mukherjee is trying to change and not only make it better but an impactful one for students today. She quotes Einstein, ‘If you judge a fish by how it can climb a tree, it will spend its entire lifetime thinking it’s stupid.’ She, thus believes that education helps kids to understand their potential and make the best of themselves.

A corporate junkie for three-and-half years, Roshni finally answered her burning desire to teach. With excellent academics on one hand and a vibrant personality on the other, she could have easily completed her Ph.D and become a professor in a renowned college.

“That would have just been a handful of kids. But using the skills I learned in the corporate world, I could have done more. So, I set up a Youtube channel and website reaching out to lakhs of students every day.”

Earlier, Youtube was just a place Roshni went to for enhancing her cooking skills. But today, she has pushed the limits of Youtube from just an entertainment portal to an education medium. Roshni launched ExamFear, a youtube channel which reaches out to over thousands of students and has over 3 lakh subscribers. With over 6000 videos on Biology, Maths, Chemistry from 6th to 12th standard, she has been trying to set up a free quality education platform that can benefit all who are eager to learn but have no means to do so. The ExamFear website goes one more step further and provides detailed notes and online tests on various topics.

Youtube Channel


“We had a house help from Tamil Nadu and both her kids studying in the native place couldn’t learn well as the quality of education was quite low. That’s when I realized that there was a dire need of such a platform.”

But not very long ago, Roshni had some exam fears of her own. “During my childhood, Physics used to scare me a lot. I never even tried to understand it. But that was my whole problem! All I needed to do was break the science down and understand it bit by bit and what unfolded next was a beautiful love story between me and Physics,” chuckles Roshni.

Youtube Channel

This is the very attitude that Roshni brings into her own videos and with the help of everyday life examples, she breaks down even the most complicated algorithms. And mind you, she is nothing like the stereotypical teacher but instead, she is warm and kind and believes that you can’t force a child to like something they don’t. “The attention span of a kid is quite short. We as teachers must put in that extra effort with the students and through interactive sessions and relatable experiences make them fall in love with their subjects.”

She usually uses a small studio setup to make her videos but does not limit herself to the four walls of the place. Recently she went to Sydney, Austraila for the ‘Youtube Creator Meet’ and captured some wonderful videos which she included as part of her Youtube channel to make her students feel more relatable with what they were learning.

“I also perform DIY experiments using household things which the kids can then imitate and perform on their own at their place. Along with subject teaching, I love hosting interactive sessions where they can hit me up on anything and everything apart from academics.”

But Roshni keeps emphasizing how this Youtube Channel wouldn’t be possible if not for her students, husband and the warm appreciation she has received from all over. “One of my students told me that she couldn’t go for tuition as she wasn’t allowed outside the house except for going to school. Accessing ExamFear videos on her smartphone benefited her to a great level.”

Along with having many accolades to her name, the Limca Book of Records recently recognized ExamFear for creating a huge amount of content on their channel. Apart from being a full-time teacher, Roshni also loves cooking for her family and friends. She also has a huge passion for dancing. For 12 years, her feet have danced and trained to the beats of Kathak and Bharatnatyam.

Youtube Channel

Listening to all of this, I just kept telling her how she is blessed with so much talent. Interrupting me she said, “Everyone has talents. But it’s important to not only make a goal but to work towards it. Without patience and consistency, your talents will never reach its full potential.” She plans to create content even for competitive exams and further expand their new Hindi Youtube channel.

We wish her good luck!

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