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ETV Raj’s Kavita Chauhan On Screen With JWB This World TV Day

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  •  November 21, 2015


“Television is a window that lets the women living between four walls see the outer world,” says the Legal Eagle on World Television Day.

Wondering who this ‘legal eagle’ is and whatsoever has she to do with the World Television Day?

Well, she is someone who has been associated with the television in a ‘lawful’ way since the past ten years. She has been on the sides and on the front of the camera of your favorite shows – Fear Factor, Bigg Boss etc., and your mother’s favorite shows – Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, etc.


Interested much? Meet media and entertainment lawyer Kavita Chauhan who currently works as a consultant/ reporter/ media lawyer/ film and fashion reviewer with ETV Rajasthan.

Oh, and btw, did I tell you she’s fondly known as the Legal Eagle? Oh yes, I did! Read the highlights from my conversation with her to know the reason behind this tag.

Me: You’re a lawyer and you’re a reporter/journalist/anchor? How do you fit all that in one sentence?IMG_3577

Kavita: Haha! Well, I’m a pro with the former, and I’m experimenting with the latter. When I picked law as a subject, I initially wanted to specialize in criminal law. But back then I got a call from Balaji Telefilms offering me to work with them for their legal matters. I gladly accepted it. That’s how the wheels started rolling.

Me: Oooh! Balaji Telefilms. What a start to your career!

Kavita: Absolutely. I learnt a lot during those 2 years with Balaji. It actually kind of shaped my profession into what it is today.


Me: So, media industry kind of happened to you! But what I am wondering is if you always wanted to be a lawyer? Even as a child?

Kavita: You know, interestingly and incidentally, I was an actor in school. I used to perform in plays. There was this one play called “Chachundar ke sar pe chameli ka tel” that went on to win several accolades.

Me: That sure is a very intriguing name for a title! So, tell me what happened after Balaji?


Kavita: Things escalated! And so did my exposure. I worked in the gaming arena with Zapak and in the music arena with Saregama hmv. Post that, I worked with Endemol in shows like The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Bigg Boss, Fear Factor, etc., for 5 years, after which I got married and came down to Jaipur. Here, I work with ETV as a Consultant and Lawyer majorly, but lately I’ve also been doing film promotions, celebrity interviews, fashion reviews, and similar things.

Me: Wow! That’s a really fascinating profile and work-ex you have there! In fact, when we speak of a lawyer, the face of someone grumpy usually pops in mind!


Kavita: Hahaha! That is so true! People are usually scared of lawyers and they behave in a certain nervous manner around them. I’ve witnessed such moments too. When I was working in Mumbai, many of my friends and their families often referred to me as the ‘legal eagle’. But then, they knew that I wasn’t so grumpy after all. *Chuckles*


Me: So, what are you like when you’re not on TV or in the lawyer alias?

Kavita: *Smiles* I love hanging out with my friends. Not a day has passed by, ever since I’ve been back in Jaipur, that I have not met my friends for coffee. Other than that I love watching movies, I love travelling, and I love shopping.

Me: The wanderlust that’s usually common among us women! High five!


Me: In your opinion, how are the women doing in this not-so-stable media and entertainment industry?

Kavita: Women are doing wonders!

My brows shot up in excitement on hearing her reply.

Kavita: … women are not only equal to men, they are even doing better than them! Remember the famous Kalbelia dancer Gulabbo? She’s a celebrity now! Did you know that she was buried alive as a child due to being a girl?


Talk about films. Take Priyanka Chopra for instance. What she was and where she is now. She is shining as bright as the sun. And even in jobs behind the camera, women are doing pretty well. Do you know that in such positions there are as many as 40% women? And that’s because the industry believes that women can connect with the masses more.

Okay, so, now I was ecstatic.


Kavita: … As far as the stability in these fields is concerned, I would say that a degree of instability is present in every other job, even the managerial ones, for that matter. So, I believe the stability has to be there in the mind of the person that he wants to work in this industry.

Me: True. Any funny memory of your career that comes to your mind as we speak?


Kavita: *Grins* This one isn’t exactly a funny memory; it’s rather scary.

Me: *Excitedly* I’m all ears!

Kavita: Some time after I had started working here at ETV, I was asked to cover some fashion show that was happening. That was my first attempt at something like that so I nervously said yes.


I had to say something like Aaj humare gulaabi sheher me Fashion Show organize kiya gaya hai. And because I couldn’t keep a track of my words, I wrote them on a paper slip and pasted it on the camera. When I actually started my line, there was so much light coming at me from the camera and I wasn’t even sure where I was looking. Far be it for me to read from the slip! We did 21 takes! And then the fellow cameraman motivated me, Aapne bohot acha kiya madam, in 21 me se koi na koi toh sahi hoga.


Those were the days. And today are totally different days where I don’t really need to prepare my lines. It comes out spontaneously now.

Me: Hahaha! I think your cameraman has seen you evolving through this journey!

Kavita: *Chuckles* Absolutely! Even my husband and my dad have made me grow for the better during all this time. They are my best critics. They support me by challenging me, encouraging me to enhance my ways.

Me: That’s lovely! So, what is the next big thing?


Kavita: The next big thing I think is the want of a Film City in Jaipur. I once interviewed Subhash Ghai and urged him to initiate an institution or a film city in Jaipur because the city has so much potential, so much caliber! And Rajasthan’s heritage value further adds to its prospects of being a centre for media and entertainment. There are so many local dialects here, varied cultural forms! Just imagine the kind of masterpiece that can brew in this state!


Me: I second your notion, Kavita! Let’s keep our fingers crossed in anticipation of something grand from the media and journalism industry to happen in our Pink City.

Picture Courtesy: Nupur Agarwal

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