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Entrepreneur Renuka Shah Invents Vegetable Growing Pencils

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  •  November 20, 2015


We all try to grow plants in our own weird fashions. Renuka Shah is definitely the coolest weirdo out of us all! Entrepreneur Renuka has invented out-of-the-blue eco-friendly products that can be recycled to grow plants!

Fair enough. Bored of tea coasters? Bury them, and watch them grow. She invented pencils that have a seed bomb at the bottom, when planted it grows five different types of vegetables (tomato, brinjal, celery, lettuce and chilli) or herbs (tulsi, coriander, tej, chive and dil).


Aside from these ‘Grow Me Plantable’ pencils, her label ‘Jalebi’ offers a plethora of eco-friendly products, including plantable coasters, boxes, bookmarks, bags, and even waterproof notebooks made of stone paper.


Shah, who used to be a home furnishing designer, came up with the idea while she was working with her earlier brand Ankh.

“Sometimes I really wonder what if all the trees disappear by the time my kiddo grows up,” she said. “When I look around the city today, green spaces are only decreasing.”

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