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Entrepreneur Ms. Priyanka Singh: “Do not Entertain Work Pressure”

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  •  January 13, 2015


“Men don’t look down on women designers, they trust us. They know women have a knack of art.”

Ms. Priyanka Singh, Founder Jaipur Pitara. After the Fashion Management degree from England, Priyanka or Bubble (as friends fondly call her) wanted a fresh move in her life. A surprise phone call took her to the destination. Read our chat with the candid designer & get inspired by her spirit of handling the whole business all alone.

DSC_0232The Thought.

Oh, I was having a gala time with family and friends, and then I thought ‘What’s next’. Basically, I was getting bored with the routine life and wanted to do something different.


The Beginning.

I was wearing this jacket made by me and one of the friends asked if I can make something like this for her. I did, like any good friend. The people around her noticed, and next I got a call for the bulk order!”


The Wallet-talk.

Some bits from my savings and then, papa dearest.


How Life Has Changed After ‘Jaipur Pitara’?

I am financially independent.


What’s Your One Vice?

I don’t stress myself with workload. If I feel work is taking over my life, time with family and friends, I step back. I keep reminding myself that I work for satisfaction and not money.

First Failure.

The time when I wanted to give up on my business.



I got another order with the appreciation letter about my work!

A Proud Moment.

I get emails from clients admiring the craftsmanship which keeps me going. But I still remember the feeling when I was so proud of myself. It was during my 1st exhibition when I was in the confused state and had no expectations. But then, after the event there were people all around praising me. That moment covered up all the low moments before.


Anything you want to redo?

I am bad at negotiations, and I wish I could have done better if I could learn this skill. (laughs)

Business Trick.

I stop my experiments with designs when I see it is not selling. Then I go back to those designs that people have loved in my brand. I have to pay salaries for god’s sake!


Who Is Better In Business – Man or Woman?

How about teaming the two! I think men are good with financial tactics,while women are creative. If together, they can be number 1 team, at least in my field.


Arrange In Order: Fame, Money, Sleep, Friends and Power.

Sleep, Friends, Power, Fame, Money.


What’s Your Advice TO Others Who Want To Start Business?

If you want money, struggle to have it in abundance. If you want smoothness, go after it by not entertaining work pressure. It’s important to choose what you want for your venture before you start with it.

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