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Election Commission To Enroll Beggars And The Homeless As Voters In Karnataka For Inclusivity

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  •  April 16, 2018

In order to include beggars, undertrials, and people without shelters as part of the society, the Election Commission in Karnataka, on the request of Democratic Ambassador for All India Rural Integrity (DAARI), has decided to enroll them as voters.

As 5% of the state’s population was made up of beggars, Ravi Bangera, the Convenor of DAARI, wrote a letter to the Chief Electoral Officer, Sanjeev Kumar, explaining how most of them aren’t registered as voters. Identifying them as citizens of India, he pointed out that according to the constitution, it is the duty of the Government to provide shelter to these people.

Following this, the High Court ordered the Election Commission on Wednesday to pay attention to the beggars and people without shelters.

So, now a survey will be done, as said by the Chief Electoral Officer, in order to identify homeless people and also include them in the poll process by getting them their voter ID cards.

The High Court has also directed that undertrials whose cases are being reviewed by the judiciary to be provided with a voting facility as well, so another survey for this will be carried out. But as per the Election Commissioner, those under preventive detention can vote, convicts cannot.

This is one major step towards inclusivity, as now the one elected will truly be someone who was chosen by all sections of society – a step that every state in the nation should take note of and follow as well.

H/T: The Better India

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