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Economic Times Cricket Writer Faces Flak For Making Sexist Joke About Anushka Sharma

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  •  January 11, 2018

Long before Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli tied the knot, Sharma has been the target of much trolling, with fans going as far as to blame her for Kohli’s bad form. Well, this time it’s freelance cricket writer Anand Vasu who presents to us a classic example of sexism when he compared bowling to ‘newly married Anushka’s nagging.’

Writing a match report for Economic Times, Mr. Vasu here, eloquently expressed how the Indian cricket team has disappointed its fans by losing to South Africa.

“For months India had talked the talk, for passages of play they walked it, but when push came to shove the eleven men chosen to represent the country let themselves down,” Vasu wrote.

But halfway through the article, unable to stop himself from taking a jibe at Kohli and Anushka, he proceeded to use a sexist stereotype aimed at mocking women.

“Virat Kohli was well set up by Philander, away swingers nagging away more than the newly married Anushka, followed by the one that came in to the right-hander, trapping him in front,” Vasu wrote in his article.

For a writer to use this in a leading newspaper, that too as a cricket analogy, is beyond any logic, something which Zenia D’Cunha from Scroll‘s sports website The Field, also felt. While some seconded D’Cunha’s thoughts, many defended Anand Vasu’s use of sexism as an innocent joke.

cricBC on Twitter

@ZENIADCUNHA @AnushkaSharma Would have been a marginal call even if the entire theme of this article was humour. Such comparisons in a serious piece is pretty low.

ZENIA D’CUNHA on Twitter

@cricBC Considering this is a journalist who has been around long enough & that it’s 2018, it’s pathetic It amazes me that it passed the ET Editorial desk for the main paper! Cricket analysis can be done without crass writing for “colour

Sumit Tripathi on Twitter

@ZENIADCUNHA @AnushkaSharma enh its a good tongue in cheek comment.

Nachiketa Guha on Twitter

@ZENIADCUNHA @AnushkaSharma It wasnt meant to be funny. Just used a common stereotype to describe a situation. Thats all. And it clearly succeeded in telling its story.

Soumitra Shankar on Twitter

@ZENIADCUNHA @KyaUkhaadLega @AnushkaSharma Indian journalists will be Indian journalists. According to them, adding spice to every damn news in compulsory, otherwise no salary.

It’s important to under how such ‘innocent ‘ jokes do nothing but become an addition to the list of sexism woman face on a daily basis.
H/T: Huffington Post

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