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Dr. Indu Arora: Eye Surgeon, Poet, Painter, And A Romantic At Heart

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  •  February 13, 2018

Dr. Indu Arora, HOD Ophthalmology in Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Hospital, has a story unlike other doctors. 

Dr. Indu, apart from being a brilliant eye surgeon, is also someone who strongly believes in fairytales. She sidelined her career when it was at its peak – in order to settle with the love of her life. This blog will tell you how this woman smoothly took one step at a time, making every important thing a priority simultaneously.



“I was all set to move to the States and make a career every doctor dreams of, but then ‘love’ happened. I fell in love with a man while I was pursuing MBBS from AIIMS, Delhi. I was planning post-graduation in the USA but changed my mind and decided to get married first.”

Love happened!


“I am talking early 70s, when love marriage wasn’t really a concept parents would accept easily. Of course, they wanted me to get married to some renowned doctor. After knowing about my relationship with a businessman, they were taken aback.”

Struggles for marriage.


“His family wanted a non-working ‘bahu’ and my name was not even on their preference list. The fight was going to be big and long, however, both of us were determined to not give up. We stuck by one another!”_MG_1182

“I told my in-laws I wouldn’t work after marriage as the condition to get married. We convinced his parents, then convinced mine and got married. I came to Jaipur, and life definitely changed after that.”

Side-effects of marriage

“I sat idly at home for the next six months. A doctor, so ambitious, was sitting doing nothing at home, except the household chores; it was distressing. Steadily, the urge to change the situation emerged.”_MG_1167

“I went straight to my father-in-law and told him, “You’ve got three daughters who are well-educated. Because you wanted, they are doing brilliantly in their respective lives today. How would you feel if someone forced them to sit at home and give up on their ambitions?” That was enough to melt his heart and understand my agony. Next day, I applied for my post-graduation.”


“In 1980, I topped the list of Asst. Professors in the university and started working. I also began contributing to Keratoplasty – surgery carried out on the cornea, especially corneal transplantation. The sheer pleasure of treating a totally blind person and gifting the eye-sight back is so rewarding that it makes all of it worth it!”_MG_1094

“Saying that I made a wrong decision by not going to America is wrong. I am so proud of my achievements here in Jaipur because this is where my mission lies! Performing Keratoplasty has been my passion since 1985. I was one of the few surgeons in the city performing it; and even today, you can see very few performing this surgery. Those days, the donated eye had to be used quickly as it couldn’t be preserved for long. Hence, I was supposed to operate at odd hours.”

Love again!


“Oh, I remember the days when I had to go for operations during late nights, and my husband would drop and pick me up from the location because I didn’t know driving that time.”_MG_1091

“He is a wonderful man, and I am so happy I didn’t give up on our relationship even after the opposing forces from families. During that tenure, I even went to different cities to read papers at conferences. He still accompanies me like before and cheers for me.”



“One of the most beautiful things a woman can experience! As a working mother, I made sure to spend enough time with my kids. When my daughter was small, I read stories to her and sometimes even made up stories to give wings to her imagination. One such story was ‘life of a coin’ that I formed in a jiffy after I noticed a coin lying next to her.”_MG_1129

“Also with the course of time, I have realized that we are just the custodians of our kids and not the owners. Imposing our dreams onto them is unjust.”

Other passions


“I love entertaining kids with informative puppet shows. Apart from this, I like photography…Untitled-2painting…Untitled-3_MG_1189and baking!”Untitled-1

Doctor’s view on marriage.


“Marriage is all about adjustment and about giving up something for the other’s happiness without a thought about its effect on oneself. There should be no ego attached and no obligation to the other that you made the sacrifice. For it is only for your OWN happiness that you did it!”_MG_1161

“In my case, I knew marrying him was my priority at that moment. I didn’t want to lose him. I always knew I could get back to my career after few months. So I quietly shifted the concern and moved the right way. And trust me, I couldn’t be happier!”

Doctor’s view on love.


“Love is the epitome of one’s life. When I focused on it, everything else fell into place. At that, I suggest you to choose a person whom you can trust totally. The trust that you are not being taken for a ride. Towards commitment, one must push the fears and insecurities from within. The present day problems of commitment and lack of true love exist because of these fears and insecurities.”


“I want to address all the youth here. Why are you so afraid of getting married or falling in love? In the twilight years, you’ll need someone who has faced struggles and challenges alongside you, who has physically and mentally grown up with you and now shares your views on travel and type of enjoyment you love, who shares the bond of love and sacrifice that comes from bringing up children, sending them to school, college, their marriage etc.

This weathering and maturing of the soul that life brings about is what we come to this world for in the first place! And it can only be done with the power of love.”

Doctor’s view on career.


“Women can handle any kind of pressure. This is the best thing about them. Make sure each one of you has a career or hobby to pursue. This not only makes people hold high respect for you, but also makes your mind more balanced. No one loves to go to kitty parties all the time, right!”_MG_1114


What more? Dr. Indu is also a talented poet. Here are few poems she has written to pay a tribute to doctors worldwide:

A doctor’s prayer

I am grateful to be in a profession that others I can help

Every patient that walks in for my help

I pray to God that I can cure and be of help

He looks upon me to bring in God’s help

His trust I must keep and be of help

My material gains must never impede that help

My Ego and anger must never mar that help

With wisdom and with Godspeed I must help

God’s blessings I must seek before I help

If perchance it’s beyond my help

I must selflessly point him in the right direction for help

Doctors – instruments of trust 

Doctors are Instruments of trust

Getting directions and designs from above

When with the heart we treat

It’s not the disease but the patient we treat

When with prayers we treat,

The disease from the root we help retreat

With empathy when we have listened

The recovery is infinitely hastened

When our patients trust we win

That becomes our most priceless win

When with confidence our patient we assure

His disease we instantly cure

Medical ethics 

Living in the dichotomies of life

With dual incomes and divorces rife

With roads broad but views narrow

Where ambitions are high but hearts shallow

Where buildings are high but morals low

Where there are scams galore

And a low honest income many deplore

In difficult times such

Practice with medical ethics just

This profession noble

By loosing values make not ignoble

Whenever a patient you treat

Guidance from the creator entreat

A patient that walks into your care

Let him not be a victim to ensnare

But treat holistically with total care

Listen empathically to all he has to share

Treat not just with knowledge but with wisdom

You earn not just the fee but your heart a kingdom

This is one doctor we certainly love!!


This article was first published on July 1, 2015.

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