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Don’t Think That Beauty Sleep Is A Reality? Read This.

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  •  May 19, 2017


Why do we love Sundays so much?

Is it because we can just chill on Sundays or is it because we get to sleep till late? Well, I guess the later holds true for most of us!

Toiling for a week, what brings most of us happiness is a good sleep! Am I right or am I right?

Well, to science-prove my point, “Clean sleeping” was dubbed the biggest health trend of 2017, and several tabloids and blogs were written voicing its benefits.

For those who do not believe in the concept of a beauty sleep that is said to leave one feel healthy and beautiful, its effects are being studied in the research by Stockholm University, published in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

The study mentions that those who get less sleep are perceived as less appealing to hang out with. To test the beauty sleep hypothesis, researchers asked 25 male and female university students to track the amount of sleep they were getting. They later handed their pictures to strangers and asked them to rate the pictures by their looks.

Another test involved students who were asked to get two nights of good sleep, followed by just four hours’ sleep for two consecutive nights. The researchers captured makeup-free photos of them after every sleep session.

The next group of volunteers – 122 men and women were asked to rate the photos on the basis of attractiveness, health, sleepiness and trustworthiness. After glancing at them, they were asked how much they would like to socialize with each person in the picture.

Going to nap! What one will not do for the beauty!

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