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Don’t hide a woman in you behind daily papers!

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  •  January 6, 2015


Vidya Balan has always been idolized as someone close to the women in our home and neighborhood. Clad in a saree and not worried about the amount of fat around the waist, Vidya has been successful in creating a conservative image of a Bollywood heroine, while surrounding herself with mystery that there is more to expect.

In the 2015 celebrity calendar by ace photographer Dabboo Ratnani, Vidya has been captured exotically. Holding a coffee mug and wearing a newspaper, not exactly though, Vidya shows the other side of the woman. See yourself!


We are glad Vidya chose to do this shoot. There is no nudity; however a graceful manifestation of another side of a woman that, we think, expires with aging. Vidya is married, in her 30s and self-proclaimed saree-lover – like most of India’s women percentage. Does this mean a stop on the ability to explore her sexuality? No way. She has proved the otherwise, and we totally love it like all those fans from around the world.

Here is a question – why don’t we accept such women in our society and families? Why do we raise eyebrows at the married, kids-bearing women going to beauty-parlours, donning bright colors (say neon), and wearing short hair? We have seen children laughing at their moms trying to be on this path. We should totally stop doing so.

Most of us believe – ‘she has got the man of her dreams, what is the need to look beautiful now’. Fashion and contemporary lifestyle are not valid only till you hit 30 or get married. Age, culture and responsibilities must not stop a woman from discovering her femininity. She has all the right to get her legs waxed, shape her brows, wear rouge on cheeks, and shop for padded bras.

Let us remind the mid-aged aunties around us of their younger days and how beautiful they used to feel within and outside. Why not get that back? xo

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