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‘Don’t Hide It. Period.’ Aims To Remove Stigma Around Periods With Bold Packaging

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  •  January 23, 2018

From showing menstrual blood as a blue liquid in advertisements to the way menstruating women are treated, the stigma associated with periods is long-standing and deep. In an attempt to do away with the stigma and to get people talking about it, designer Pallavi Mohan and a Gurgaon based design agency NH1 design have come together with the “Don’t hide it. Period.” initiative.

Pallavi Mohan from Not So Serious is famous for her unique and quirky designs and she has infused the same in the “Don’t hide it. Period” campaign as well. She has designed t-shirts and sanitary pads with quirky quotes like “Deal with my mood swings” on them and catchy packaging. In a conversation with Vogue, she said, “I am very proud to be associated with NH1 Design on this cause; I think it is time that the society breaks away from the taboo that is associated with women and their menstrual cycle. Every girl and woman should have access to proper menstrual hygiene. This is just a step closer to what we envision; towards a world where both women and men are aware and consider it as a very important conversation that they need to have.”

Talking about the project,  Neha Tulsian, founder of NH1 Design, said, “The team at NH1 Design has long pondered upon the issue and decided it was time we took matters into our hands. I am certain our design system will encourage people to open up and not hide behind doors anymore.”

As made apparent the idea of the initiative is to get people talking about periods and remove the stigma associated with the word., is the official website of the campaign which they can use to write comments and spread awareness about periods on social media.

The pads will be sold exclusively on and proceeds from all the packs of pads will be donated to The Better India.

H/T: Vogue

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