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Lavanya Bahuguna


Don’t Give Up. Here’s You Guide On How To Deal With Blackmailers.

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  •  July 2, 2015

We read this sickening news of how this 16-year-old Jaipur girl had been continuously raped for months by an 18 yr old boy. He was blackmailing her on the pretext of making her obscene video public.

The rapist had a recorded video in his cell phone that he made while the girl was changing clothes. He had been blackmailing her from last 6 months on this behalf.

A senior police officer said: “On January 26, while changing her dress she was unaware that the accused, a Class XII student of another school, was recording it. Later, the accused raped the girl several times threatening her to make her video public.”

The girl’s family has lodged an FIR. Surprisingly the girl kept this heinous act a secret from her family for all these months. What more shocked us was the fact that even the family kept mum for few days in a fear of being ashamed infront of their society.

A case under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 has been booked. Though the accused is missing.

Immediately after reading this news, we decided to publish an article on ‘HOW TO TACKLE WITH BLACKMAILERS’.

  1. Talk to someone – Speak out to a person you fully trust. Loved ones always support and might give solutions to deal with the situation. It can be your relative, colleague, teacher or friend.
  2. Make a plan – Think of all the authorities you can ask help from. If you need to collect few evidences like text messages or record calls, do it.
  3. Seek Police help – Don’t fear going to the police. In case of woman sexual harassment, you can demand speaking to a female officer. Trust the police, your issue will be kept a secret if urged. The law will work hand in hand with you to catch the blackmailer.
  4. Hiring a lawyer – But remember, don’t make a “settlement” in case of sexual assault. This will only boost up the accused.
  5. Don’t be fearful – This is most important. Your fear is the key to blackmailer’s strength. Be strong and make him/her realize it is their fault.

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