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Doesn’t Matter If You’re A Cat/Dog Person, This Woman Needs Your Support For Her 100+ Cats Now!

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  •  August 2, 2017


Remember a few years ago, on the occasion of Cat Day, we narrated the story of internationally acclaimed Jaipur-based Historian, Archaeologist, and Writer, Rima Hooja? This woman is a mother to more than 100 stray and well-bred cats that have been harmed/abandoned by some heartless people.


Rima has turned the big halls and first two floors of her house into cat-rooms where high-rise iron branches, sky-high sitting areas, and cozy corners have been made for cats’ convenience. The spaces have enough brightness and ventilation for the babies to breathe and tolerate the changing weathers of Rajasthan.stray cats jaipur

Rima told us, “The male and female cats live together. As suggested by some veterinary doctors, I haven’t divided them according to their gender. They are not living in jail or orphanage; it’s a home after all. They are free to choose with whom and in which rooms they want to pee, eat, sleep and do head-butts!”golden cat

Today, she seeks our help. Rima wants all of us to unite and donate essentials like food, sanitary items, coupons for regular health check-ups, etc. to give these 100+ cats a better life that they deserve.MG_2881a

Rima, in spite of a tight budget, has never compromised with the quality of the products she uses for her cats. She remarked, “Even the bentonite clay and pebbles on which the cats pass their ablutions come from a trusted company in Bikaner.”rima hooja

cat food

cat food

Find the list of all the items Rima needs on a daily/monthly basis, and see how you can be of any help to her. A donation of cash as little as Rs. 10 would make a difference, too. You can also order many of these items online on Flipkart, Amazon, or other sites and mark the order to her address.

Rima Huja: Daily/Monthly expenses on Cats

S. No. Product Description Quantity Tentative Cost per Month
Food Products
Milk 12 Lit./day Rs. 15000
Chapatti 20 pieces/day Rs. 1800
Whiskas/Other Cat food Dry 8 Kg/Month Rs. 1500
Whiskas/Other Cat food Wet 50packs/Month Rs. 1500
Eggs 50 pieces/day Rs. 6000
Chicken 3 Kg/day Rs. 15000
Floor Cleaners: Lizol/Mr. Clean 5 Lit/Month Rs. 700
Phenol 5 Lit/Month Rs. 200
Washing Powder 10 Kg/Month Rs. 400
Dish Cleaning Soap 10 bars/Month Rs. 200
Health care
Vet. Doctor Monthly Visit Rs. 1500
Nursing Staff Fortnight Visit Rs. 1000
Vitamins For 100 cats Rs. 2,000
Deworming For 100 cats Rs. 3,000
Spaying For 70 cats Rs. 49,000

(in installments)

Antibiotics and other drugs For 100 cats Rs. 4,000
Vaccination For 100 cats Rs. 5,000
House Hold waste
Newspaper 3- 4kg/day Rs. 1500/month
Old pillow covers/ Bed sheets For 100 cats Used stuff
Old Towels For 100 cats Used stuff
Plastic Tubs For 100 cats Used stuff
Plastic Buckets 30 – 35 pieces Used stuff or Rs.5,000
Blankets 10 pieces Used stuff or Rs. 2,000
House keeping
Full time maids 2 Rs. 20,000 + stay
Day time Maids 4 Rs.28,000
Sweeper- part time 1 Rs. 4,000

If you are willing to donate your discarded towels, bedsheets, newspapers, etc., you can courier or deliver them to her address.

rima hooja

In case you don’t want to buy the products and instead, deposit the money, you can do it easily. Find the Trust’s bank details below:

ACCOUNT NO.: 50200007121121

For courier and delivering the items, here’s her address:

Rima Hooja,
11, Uniara Garden,
Moti Dungri Road,
Jaipur, Rajasthan
Pin Code- 302004

For more details, get in touch with Team IWB at +91-9828288876.

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