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Documentary: What Does It Take To Be A (Female) Photojournalist In Afghanistan

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  •  December 2, 2015


The documentary named ‘Frame by Frame’ shows the life of Afghan journalist Farzana Wahidy, the only professional female photojournalist in Afghanistan.

The film talks about the total photography ban in Afghanistan (from 1996 to 2001) that came into existence when Taliban came into power. It shows the photojournalists as they document their country’s events in the face of skepticism, censorship, and threats. This also includes Farzana Wahidy who has been documenting the lives of women whose voices are typically silenced, such as a girl who was doused in gasoline by her father-in-law and set alight.

She says, This is the main time for Afghan photographers to really stand up and still keep Afghanistan on the news and not let it forget. I think it is the responsibility of all photographers and journalists in Afghanistan not to let whatever happened during the Taliban, or civil war, to happen again. It may be difficult but I will find ways. I will always stand for what I believe.”

The film is an ode to a place and its people who fear that the world will forget about them if fundamentalism returns. Have a look:

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