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Do You Know Weighing Yourself Every Day Causes Depression?

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  •  November 18, 2015


A new study from the University of Minnesota shows how bad it is for young men and women to subject themselves to the tyranny of the scale on a regular basis.

The researchers used survey answers from the Project Eating and Activity in Teens and Young Adults study with 1,868 participants (57 % of whom were young women). The survey first asked participants how much they agreed with the statement “I weigh myself often.” Later they were asked about their body satisfaction, weight concern, self-esteem and depressive symptoms.

Results? The research shows that young women suffer from low self-esteem and body satisfaction along with increased depressive symptoms and weight concern. On the other hand, young men suffer from increased weight concern.

We understand how pleasing it is to see those few grams evaporating, but hey, doesn’t this ritual make us way too obsessive about weight? Rather than occupying yourself with an ever-changing number on a scale, you might be better engaging in more productive, body positive things. Agree?

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