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Do You Know About The Book – ‘The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls’?

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  •  July 14, 2015

‘The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls’ is one book with an average of 4.5 rating on every online book selling website. Why?

The Care & Keeping of YOU is an American guide-book for every girl hitting puberty directing her about everything. And by everything we mean everything like how to wear the perfect girly makeup, right way to use a sanitary pad, remove body hair, fashionable color combination while dressing up, handle pimples, the right bra, how to insert a tampon into the vagina etc. Basically, every feminine thing a girl needs to learn.

What’s interesting? Its way to give these lessons using colorful pictorial representation that isn’t boring to look at! Have a look:enhanced-5039-1435717904-8 enhanced-6488-1435717290-1 enhanced-14901-1435717583-1 enhanced-21528-1435718210-2 enhanced-22731-1435848354-1 enhanced-25440-1435848461-7 enhanced-25815-1435718283-1 enhanced-29713-1435718319-11 enhanced-31219-1435717419-8 enhanced-31421-1435848243-1 enhanced-32230-1435717356-1

We loved the idea and wish something like this can be given to our girls to read. However, to make the book more awesome, we can add a message saying: ‘At the end, just be yourself and feel confident in your own skin’.

BTW, you can buy the book here.

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