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Do You Have a Bikini Body? Find Out Here!

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  •  June 18, 2015

Ladies, if you are worried about not having a Bikini-body, don’t. Laci Green is a sweetheart. She says, all you need to have a ‘Bikini-body’ is just a bikini and a body. Lol.

I agree with her. Even I am not the ‘slim-trim’ kind. Like every other woman, even I am worried about my bulging tummy, but hey, it’s okay! Neither you’re going to impress someone at the beach nor you’re walking down a beauty contest runway!

Laci’s latest MTV Braless video called “Everybody is a bikini body” is worth a watch. She says:

“The message that we get over and over again is that some people’s bodies shouldn’t be seen. If you don’t look like this, if you don’t fit into that, you need to hide your body. You shouldn’t go to the beach or pool and have fun and enjoy your life. You should just stay home and feel ashamed.”

In the video, she takes us through the life-cycle of bikini anxiety. She tells how wearing a bathing suit during childhood was a fun activity, later it became traumatic as we grew up. Thanks to the media and a sudden trend of zero-size.

In the video, Laci proposes an alternative to the “bikini body” stereotype, urging women of all shapes and sizes to stand up against companies and media that are profiting off the body-shame machine.

She says:

“We need to just enjoy ourselves at the damn beach. Being in public and participating in summer activities are not privileges reserved for the ultra-thin and able.”


So just throw away this doubt that you look ugly in bikinis and pack your bags for Goa, Diu, Andaman, or may be Malibu!


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