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Lavanya Bahuguna


Do You Also Buy These Gendered Products? We’re Guilty.

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  •  June 19, 2015

Okay so this is funny. There is this pen company called BIC Cristal that, some time back, launched one pen series for women that are ‘sleek and easy to hold’. Worst was when it named this series as BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen. Terrible happened when these pen were launched in pinks, purples and peaches.

Argh! I don’t understand why brands introduce gendered products in the market. Can’t women write with pens that are thick? Excuse me, I had written with bulky aged ink pens throughout my school days!

Google a little and you will find some more gendered products, giving you a good laugh, at that, making you think how we have been buying these gender discrimination ideas so easily since years. Let me show you few examples:

Somewhere in a foreign land, a lip balm called Dude Stick is selling.


In our own land, we have Kinder Joy that gives different packs for boys and girls because they have car toys for boys and dolls for girls inside it.


You must have seen the billboards of this newly launched face cream MeGlow around the city. They have pink packing for women and of course blue for men. Similarly, we have our favorite Fair and Lovely. Its male version is promoted by Shahrukh Khan and is called Fair and Handsome.

Giving competition to it are the new Vaseline Men and Garnier Men, and shampoos like Head n Shoulders for men and women. Can’t we all share one shampoo and face cream. After all, sharing is caring.



Clean and Dry Intimate Wash and VWash are again 2 products meant only for women for vaginal wash that promises to keep it clean down there. Men don’t need it, or what?  Similarly, the ads of sunscreen creams only show glowing women. Um, men need sunscreen too.

This list is endless. Can you think of more? Tell me in the comments below!

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