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DIY Home Decor tips by Kamna Kaul

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  •  February 3, 2015


We entered Kamna Kaul’s home with high expectations, and we weren’t disappointed. She is an Art teacher at a renowned school in Jaipur, and every corner of the house oozes her talent. With an hour long chat with Team JWB, Kamna showed us around, spilling out many secrets for a beautifully decorated home. Presenting you Kamna’s house in her own words.

Entrance room:

I have put the room very simple. The entrance is from garden, and guests who love enjoying a view outside like to sit here. The white walls have one painting each made by me.DSC_0216

The furniture gives a feel of Renaissance Jaipur.

The art work is mostly done by oil paints and is called Tanjor style.DSC_0225

Drawing room:

Welcome upstairs, and I have this bigger drawing room, again mostly my own work in highlight. I am a Krishna devotee and therefore, you can see many Krishna inspired work.DSC_0238

The walls are white, and this helps me use vibrant colors in my paintings. It’s fun.DSC_0237

One complete wall is dedicated to my love for my late husband and 2 children. The placing of brown and white frames is done strategically.DSC_0241

This room is full of things inspired by many countries. While the Krishna inspired paintings reflect my Indian culture, the rose motif sofa is very English. Flowers make ambiance light on eyes and soul.DSC_0246

The 3 masks are from Sri Lanka that I had visited recently. DSC_0251-2There are more such souvenirs from places like Thailand which I have kept on the center table.


I absolutely love my old fashioned bed.DSC_0256

When I want to feel like a Princess, I put curtains over it. (laughs)DSC_0257

I make my 1st tea of the morning in the bedroom itself. This table says all about it.DSC_0258

This was an old door that I discarded. I made it turn into a sofa! You can ask any local carpenter to do a similar one for you.DSC_0271

This is an old basket I got in a gift-pack. I just wrapped it with thick craft paper and have put some really beautiful flowers in it.DSC_0266


If a man is known by the shoes he wears, a woman is know by how clean she keeps her bathroom. (laughs)DSC_0269

Because this is a very private space, you mustn’t neglect it. Keep it clean and lovely to keep each morning refreshing. For me, flowers do the magic.DSC_0262

Dining room:DSC_0277

I have given an artistic touch to the ugly part under the washbasin. In case you have a basin in dining hall, just use some paint brush and get going. You can make polkas, stripes, flowers, or just paint in one solid color. Also, I have used a Rajasthani theme mirror frame, easily available in the market.DSC_0273

The plain boring walls are made interesting to look at by hanging few paintings made by me. You can also buy such from the market and get them done in the same frame.DSC_0274

The dining table cloth is an old bed-sheet that I asked my tailor to cut into two halves. In the center I have just put some more artificial flowers and aromatic candles rather than the usual spoon jar and pickles.DSC_0276

The chimes are made using paper, cocktail umbrellas and threads. I’ve colored the old shopping paper bags & disposable plates and cut them into different shapes. I have hanged cocktail umbrellas that are easily available in the market using thread. Easy, right?DSC_0280

I had this extra table in my house so I put it in the dining hall. I have placed the Buddha ornamentation gifted by my son on it. When needed, I remove this stuff to make space for more serving.DSC_0330

Living room:

To make white walls balance, I have put oxblood sofa here.DSC_0283

I have painted the wall with some gold paint. You can experiment with designs here, it is sure to look good. And then there is another mirror for my guests (laughs).DSC_0284

Say hello to my 2 very good friends! We’re now going to enjoy our evening tea together.DSC_0293

My personal space: my paint room

This is a small space of the house where I play with my oil paints and experiment with the craft materials.DSC_0290

Every woman must give some space in the house to her passion.DSC_0253


According to Vastu-Shashtra, if you have two entrances in your home, cover one with horse motifs. I have done this staircase going from ground floor with horse pictures framed and placed on the rooftop.DSC_0286

Another painting depicts the famous Polo game from Rajasthan.DSC_0289

Kitchen: my fave place

My kitchen doesn’t look like a kitchen.

I have put fruit paintings on the wall. Yes, one should make a kitchen look beautiful. You don’t want to get bored while cooking, do you?DSC_0296

I have placed few flower baskets over the slab surface which gives an ‘I am cooking in my garden’ feeling. Also, i have placed a white board on the wall where I write ‘Today’s special menu’ and also thing to be brough from the market.DSC_0270

This is an old tea-pot I bought from a tea stall. I have painted it and decorated it with some flowers.DSC_0300

The old racks under the slab can be made interesting by replacing them with baskets!DSC_0305

DSC_0306And then this huge window lets the fresh air come inside from the rooftop. You can say hello to my friend playing with my newly adopted puppy.DSC_0307


Instead of keeping the flower pots on the roof, I have made a small garden here by uplifting the floor.DSC_0321

The mosaic work is done by me. You can do so using colorful mosaic stones sticking them on the wall with Plaster of Paris (POP).DSC_0311

My beagle pup loves staying here all day long.DSC_0328

Another handy tips:

  • I prefer to color my old curtains for a different look rather than buying new ones.
  • The photo frames in my home are not bought from the market. They are old sweet boxes. Tada!
  • Most of the paintings are not covered with glass shield; rather I have used cellophane sheets. They have similar glass effect and there is no danger of them breaking off if fallen down.DSC_0324
  • The sofa covers are made using old curtains. Juts some good tailoring is needed.
  • To give a pop-art culture look to your home, paint your doors and windows with bright colors. Do it on your own with other family members, it will be a good time spent together.
  • To change your mood and give home a quick makeover, shift the rooms! Make your living room drawing room and vice versa. Just experiment.

Hope you have loved my DIY (Do it yourself) tips for home décor. Let me know your reviews in the comments below!

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