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Divorced Couples Share #DivorceSelfies To Show Not All Break-Ups Are Bad

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  •  September 7, 2015


We take selfies during happy times, like when we get grad degree, during weddings or while at a vacations. Basically all joyful occasions. However, this very notion is slowly changing, thanks to these crazy (read: cool) people.

Few couples.. err.. ex-couples are commemorating their DIVORCE with SELFIE! Believe it or not, but this is really happening.

Check out photos of these ‘newly-divorced’ ones:

"Can we take a divorce selfie?" "Duh. In front of the eagle?"

A photo posted by Emuhly Rowz (@emilyrose920) on

Goodbye forever Chintan!! Call me from India when u get there! #beeasy #divorceselfie

A photo posted by Ya girl Sin (@gotta_keepchangin) on


Whatever the world is saying, to me, they feel like a fresh breeze. After all, divorce can be liberating for some people!

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