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Komal Panwar

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District Magistrate Eats Food Cooked By Widow To Dispel Villagers’ Superstitions

  • IWB Post
  •  December 22, 2015


One time in February 2014, a woman’s passion for cooking mid-day meals for children in school was snatched away. And why, you may ask?

Because she is a widow! Apparently, it is an evil omen to eat food cooked by a widowed woman.

The board was “kind” enough to hire her back, but more than a hundred people protested in the school and locked the gates to prevent the meals from being served.

In February, 2014, Sunita Kuwar, a cook from Kalyanpur, Bihar, was prohibited by villagers from making mid-day meals for their children in school, as they consider widows a bad omen.

On December 17, Kuwar approached the district magistrate for help.
He assured her that she’d get her job back, and ate the meal cooked by her to drive the superstition of the villagers away.

Finally, two years later, she has been reinstated in her position.

People have responded to Kuwar’s gesture after he posted the story online.


People have responded amazingly to Kuwar's gesture after he posted the story online.


Some have even stretched out a helping hand to aid Kuwar.



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