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Starting Today, Couples Can No Longer ‘Select’ A Child For Adoption

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  •   May 1, 2017


Adoption is a beautiful concept and reminds us that blood relations need not be the strongest relations in our lives.

The Govt. recently decided that from May 1, people will not be able to choose and adopt children. Until now, parents were able to register with the Govt. portal CARINGS and were referred up to 3 children, on the basis of which they could accept one.


While picking and choosing a child isn’t the best thing to do, it at least had people coming forward and adopting children. We are not sure how the decision will prove for couples wishing to adopt children.

“The rate of adoption was very slow and the children would remain in the referral cycle for a very long time. Under the new method, we will be able to refer all children in our adoption pool to an equal number of prospective parents,” CEO, Child Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), Lt Col Deepak Kumar said.

He said, “We are also trying to discourage commodification of adoptable children where parents can pick and choose.”

Though there are about 1,800 to 2,000 children at CARINGS, the parents seeking them are about 15,000. Do you agree with the decision? Let us know in the comments below.

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