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NCERT Announces Reviewing Its Books After 10 Years. What Changes Are You Expecting?

  • JWB Discussion
  •   May 16, 2017


The last time NCERT reviewed books was back in 2007. I passed out from high school in 2009, so I remember how excited we were that the course was being changed.

Of course, back then, we didn’t know whether or not it was the right thing to do:

Council director Hrushikesh Senapaty said that since it has been about ten years since the syllabus was updated, NCERT will look into the matter.

In a recent interview with Times of India, he said that the books were not being revised and that NCERT shall only be reviewing books in an organized way.

He continued, “Revision of books and curriculum framework is a policy decision which will be taken at the level of the HRD ministry, and it is a massive task. What we are doing right now is reviewing the books, which is to plug the gaps.

These books were created in 2007 and there is a lot of information that needs to be updated.”

“There is no compromise on the quality of content of NCERT books. It is based on the national curriculum framework. One really can’t say the same for private publishers.

Moreover, the council is also looking at the quality of printing so that we can give the best. However, our books are highly subsidized and one can’t compare a book costing Rs 50 with another which is Rs 300.”

What changes would you like NCERT to introduce into their syllabus? Let us know in the comments, below. We’d take your suggestions forward to the board.


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