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Is It Time To Retire The Term “Housewife”, Or There’s Nothing Wrong With Being One?

  • JWB Discussion
  •   March 30, 2016


The term housewife is too broad, and we’re limiting it to walls too small for it to fit. 

Women are getting empowered and more and more women are soaring high with their careers. But, does that really mean housewives are not ‘working’?

This is the dictionary definition of a housewife.

“A married woman whose main occupation is caring for her family, managing household affairs, and doing housework.”

Women who are called ‘housewives’ aren’t happy with the tag, in fact, they feel it is an insult!

The term isn’t cringeworthy. Or is it? Do you think the term should be permanently replaced with something that pays more respect to women. Um, a Homemaker? Or, think that Housewife is a completely acceptable term? Let’s discuss.

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